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Tel Dor Archaeology Field School

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Maritime Dor 2016 - Join Us!
Season Goals
In summer 2016 we will hold the 34th (!) excavation season at Dor. Excavations will be conducted near and above Dor's southern lagoon and, for the first time in Israel, will combine 'terrestrial', coastal and underwater excavation as part of one project. We aim to link harbor installations—partially already uncovered in previous underwater excavations— to the residential and commercial areas on the tell through careful stratigraphic excavation in order to understand the way they were integrated into the city.
Volunteers are welcome to attend the field school activities.

Season Directors
Prof. Ilan Sharon, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University; Prof. Ayelet Gilboa, Zinman Institute of Archaeology and Department of Archaeology, University of Haifa; Prof. Assaf Yasur-Landau, The Leon Recanati Institue for Maritime Studies and Department of Maritime Civilizations, University of Haifa. Coordinator in the US: Prof. Susan Rebecca Martin, Department of History of Art & Architecture, Boston University.

Field School
The excavation offers a comprehensive Field School that can be taken for credit (4 credits for 4-weeks participation). Credits are through the International School of the University of Haifa.
Instruction takes place during and after fieldwork, on site and in the site museum, through lectures, exercises and handling of artifacts. The curriculum covers excavation methods, artifact registration and analysis; the archaeology and history of Israel from the Bronze Age to the Roman period, with an emphasis on maritime issues and cross-cultural contact; and archaeometry (the archaeological sciences): 14C dating, organic residue analysis, computerized archaeology, mineralogical ceramic analysis, archaeo-zoology and more. Lectures will be delivered by the Tel Dor Consortium professors, by other members of the Dor staff and by guest specialists. The field school will include a course in geo-archaeology and those interested in archaeological conservation will be able to gain hand-on experience in this field.

For further details and registration, please see the excavation webpage at http://dorproj.wix.com/dorproj