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The Challenge of Diversity: The Jewish Experience in Central Europe and Israel

Masaryk Unviersity BrnoUniversity of Haifa Israel


(June 3 - July 7, 2017)


Despite being exiled for close to 2000 years, the Jewish People maintained their Biblical, religious, and historical connection to the Land of Israel. Simultaneously, this part of the Middle East is of special importance for many in the Western World as the birthplace of Christianity. When the Roman Empire vanquished Judea as the land of Israel was then known, many Jews moved, voluntarily and forcibly, to Europe and other countries around the globe. While the Jewish people became a vital part of European society, their relationship with the majority societies was complex and rich, fostering knowledge and international scholarly and commercial exchanges.

This 5 credit course will trace the history of the Jewish people within these spheres and from within their geographical settings.


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Masaryk University (June 4- June 24)

The movement of the Jewish people eastwards over the centuries provides the background for this two-axes module. We will examine European Jewry both chronologically and spatially, following important developments such as the Jewish Enlightenment (the Haskalah) and notable European Jewish thinkers such Sigmund Freud and Franz Kafka, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Gustav Mahler, Theodore Herzl and many others.


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University of Haifa (June 25 - July 7)

The development of Jewish nationalism known as Zionism was the foundational ideology leading to the establishment of the modern State of Israel.  Over sixty years later we can begin an evaluation of the modern Jewish State, and its challenges – whether socio-economic, cultural, military or on the peace making front.  How does one confront the issues of democracy, Jewish identity and Israeli Arab issues in today's Israel?


Application Requirements:

  • GPA 3.0
  • Reference Letter
  • Medical Forms
  • Motivation Letter


Program Tuition: $4,200 per student


Tuition includes:

  • Registration fee
  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Health Insurance
  • Field Trip (transportation & accommodation)
  • Cultural program


Application Deadline: April 15, 2017

*Please note there is a minimum requirement of 15 students for the course to open.


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