Admissions Requirements - Master's Programs

General Admissions Requirements*

  • Students who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution of higher education with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or 80% (Israeli system) or equivalent.
  • Copy of transcript and diploma
  • Proven competence in English (if native language is not English or candidates have not previously studied at an institution of higher education where the language of instruction is English). TOEFL or equivalent exams. 
    • TOEFL code 0955
  • Two / Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • CV/Resume
  • Medical Forms
  • Copy of valid passport 

*Please note that this is a general list, and each program may have its own unique list of requirements which you can check by clicking on the links below. 

Faculty Requirements and Prerequisites

Please verify each individual program below for what must be completed in advance. Specific requirements may include: prerequiste courses or relevant experience in certain fields.

  1. Child Development
  2. Diplomacy Studies
  3. International MBA (Focus: Asia)
  4. German and European Studies
  5. Global Green MBA
  6. Global Health Leadership and Administration (MPH)
  7. Holocaust Studies
  8. International Relations (Dual degree w/ Warsaw University) 
  9. Israel Studies
  10. Jewish Studies
  11. Marine Geosciences (MSc)
  12. Maritime Civilizations
  13. National Security Studies
  14. Peace and Conflict Management
  15. Prehistoric Archaeology
  16. Statistics