Letter from the Dean

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Students,

I am pleased to introduce the inaugural issue of "Haifa Goes Global," the newsletter of the University of Haifa International School (UHIS). It is the aim of this newsletter to acquaint you with our rector's vision for the internationalization of the university. This initiative seeks to convey academic excellence and tell the exciting story of Israeli society at home and abroad by recruiting some 2,000 students to study in undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Haifa, thereby transforming our university into the international education leader among Israel's seven research universities.

The University of Haifa offers a growing number of new and unique opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students from around the world to study in Israel. These include many new short term study abroad programs for undergraduate students, who will apply academic credits earned here in Haifa to degrees they are pursuing at their home institutions abroad. They also include 20 new one-year masters programs in English in disciplines from across the campus to enable international students to begin their graduate studies in Israel and local students to study in English in order to prepare themselves to continue their studies abroad. The university also offers many opportunities for University of Haifa students to study abroad as part of their undergraduate and graduate programs. These will be highlighted in the newsletter as well. 

We will spotlight different aspects of international experience here on campus, including student initiatives, community involvement, program highlights as well as focus on some of the faculty and students who make our programs special.

Internationalization has brought a new vitality to the campus, with innovative programs and more students from a wider range of countries and backgrounds. It is our hope that this new publication will convey to you the excitement surrounding this important new initiative and enhance your curiosity to see what is really "happening in Haifa."

Please see this as an open invitation to stop by the offices of the UHIS if you are already in Israel or to visit us if you are planning a visit soon. I look forward to welcoming you to the many dynamic developments happening in international education at the University of Haifa.

Best Regards,

Hanan Signature

Prof. Hanan Alexander
Dean of Students
Head of International School 

Study Abroad Staff


Director, Study Abroad

Ms. Michal Morgenstern Laor

Email: mmorgen1@univ.haifa.ac.il


Undergraduate Marketing and Recruitment

Ms. Michal Gottlieb


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Academic Advisor

Dr. Miryam Sivan

Email: msivan@univ.haifa.ac.il


Undergraduate Admission

Mr Jason Hochman

Email: infoint@univ.haifa.ac.il


Student Affairs Coordinator

Ms. Sivan Shovaly

Email: sshovaly@univ.haifa.ac.il 


Finance Director

Ms. Keren Hashimshony

Email: khashims@univ.haifa.ac.il