Life On and Off Campus

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Campus Map, University of Haifa.

The Student Association

agudaThe Student Association at the University of Haifa offers a variety of activities throughout the year, and international students are welcome to participate in all activities.

In the past, the Student Association has offered the following activities:

  • Classes in kick-boxing, yoga, and salsa dancing.
  • Celebrations for the beginning and end of the school year, as well as different holidays.
  • Student Day, a multi-day event in the spring consisting of concerts by top Israeli artists at the beach, crafts fairs, and trips to a nearby water park.
  • Weekly concerts on campus during the semesters. Please visit the Student Association website by clicking here.

Model U.N.



Model United Nations is a student-led extracurricular academic program, run on a volunteer basis by students, that simulates the activities of the UN’s bodies and committees, other international bodies such as the European Union, NATO and more. Such simulations model themselves on the work of the Security Council, General Assembly, ICJ, and other international organizations. Participants research a country other than their own and assume its personality to debate, deliberate, consult, create coalitions. By doing so, students simulate real life diplomatic and legal activity while discussing to find the best solutions to various global issues.



Religious Life

DSCN0162The University of Haifa is very proud of the diversity on campus. The campus is a mix of secular and religious Jewish native Israelis, new immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, South America, and France, and Israelis whose religious and ethnic backgrounds are Muslim, Christian, Druze, and Bedouin. In the International School, we promote the diverse religious and ethnic self-expression of all of our students, and help them find their own unique connection to Israel. While the number of observant Jewish students at the University of Haifa is small, the campus is very comfortable for observant students. All campus dining facilities are kosher, and in your apartment in the dorms you can observe kashrut and Shabbat. Two Orthodox synagogues are located within walking distance from campus and there is a Conservative synagogue and a Reform synagogue a short ride away from the University. All formal activities organized by the International School are both kashrut and Shabbat observant -allowing all students to participate. Haifa also has many churches and mosques, as well as the center for the Bahai faith. The International School is happy to assist any student in finding a place of worship or a religious community.



DSCN0162The Students who study full-time in the International School are welcome to live in the student dormitories on campus. There are two dormitory complexes that are open to international students. Federman Dorms have modest apartments with three double rooms and a shared bathroom, kitchen, and living space. Talia Dorms have spacious apartments with six single rooms, each room with its own bathroom, and a shared kitchen and living space. Students can choose which set of dormitories they would prefer. Please note that during our summer programs, our single rooms fill up quickly and students who request to live in the Talia dormitories will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.The dormitory campus is fully integrated with Israeli students. Individual dorm suites may house both Israeli and/or International students. During the academic year, only students who are enrolled full time in the International School are permitted to live in the dorms. All students enrolled in summer programs can also live in the dorms.  While students are not required to live in the dormitories on campus, it is strongly encouraged. The dormitories allow you the opportunity to meet many Israeli students and have a more complete Israeli experience.

For more information please visit our Dorm's website


bookshelves haifa u11

The Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library at the University of Haifa is a central academic library serving the research and teaching needs of all faculties and programs. It is one of the largest academic libraries in Israel staffed by a team of motivated professionals offering services supported by advanced technology and information systems. Anyone from age 16 and older may use the library's services and collections in-house. Remote access to electronic and digital resources is available to the university's faculty, staff and students.  Library Tutorial

Area Attractions

117-DSC 1644Haifa is Israel's foremost port city for international commerce and the center of Israeli high tech industries. Two of the most distinguishing features of this dynamic city are its physical beauty and its cosmopolitan population of 265,000 Jews, Christians, Moslems, Druze, and Bahá'ís living in harmony. Haifa provides a wonderful environment for almost any kind of recreational and cultural activity. Numerous cinemas, restaurants, cafes, and clubs provide entertainment until the early hours of the morning, while Haifa's beaches and the Carmel National Forest provide recreation throughout the day. Please visit the websites of the following Haifa-area attractions:



Tour Haifa

Haifa English Theater
Haifa Cinemateque
Israel National Museum of Science
Haifa International Film Festival


The University of Haifa is accessed by several local bus routes:

Bus Number          Destination
24                            Horev, Romema, Hadar, Bat Galim
30                            Horev, Mercaz HaCarmel, French Carmel
36                            Mercaz Ziv, Hadar
37                            Horev, Mercaz HaCarmel, Hadar, Bat Galim
46                            Horev, Haifa Mall, Bus and Train Stations, Beach
141                          Mercaz Ziv, Mifratz Bus Station
143                          Nesher, Mifratz Bus Station
146                          Nesher, Mifratz Bus Station
146                          Horev, Hof HaCarmel Bus Station

In addition, there are "sherut" or "shared taxis" that travel from the University along the #37 and #141 bus routes. Private taxis are also available from campus. Israel is a small country, meaning that most places in Israel are a short distance away. Here are a few estimated driving distances between Haifa and major points in Israel:

Tel Aviv                        50 minutes
Jerusalem                    2 hours 
Ben-Gurion Airport        1 hour, 20 minutes
Tiberias                        50 minutes

Please visit the following websites for more detailed information regarding travel to and from the University of Haifa:

Egged Bus Company
Israel Railways


The weather in Haifa tends to be hot and humid in the summer and moderately cold in the winter. Here are the approximate temperatures in Haifa:

January              40°-65°F  /   4°- 18°C
February            40°-65°F  /    4°- 18°C
March                50°-70°F  /  10°-21°C
April                   55°-75°F  /  13°-24°C
May                   65°-79°F  /  18°-26°C
June                   65°-85°F  /  18°-29°C
July                   70°-90°F  /  21°-32°C
August             75°-90°F  /   24°-32°C
September        70°-89°F  /   21°-32°C
October            60°-80°F  /   16°-27°C
November        55°-70°F  /   13°-21°C
December        45°-55°F  /     7°-13°C 

Today's Weather in Haifa


     Meet Our Students


     Romarine Benchetrit-Brun 21, ILERI- School of International Relations Paris, France

     Why Haifa?

      I chose Haifa University because the International School offers quite a few courses related to my field of study, National Security, and I knew studying in Haifa would be a great experience.


What do you like most about Haifa?

The feeling of being welcomed and taken care of here. This place feels like my home away from home. The best part are the trips and tours, and of course the beach.