Meet the Madrichim


The Madrichim (Social Acitivity Coordinators) are all Israeli University of Haifa students.  Most of them live on campus near our students and they are on call 24 hours a day. Every semester they prepare an extensive array of social and cultural programs for our students as well as coordinating the volunteer program. The Madrichim are here for our students with any needs or questions they may have, or just to shoot the breeze.

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 Ms. Dana Itzcovitz- 25 years old from Rehovot has a BA in Education, Sociology and Anthropology from Hebrew U and she is currently studying to get her MA in Education. Dana's Hobbies include sewing, cooking and going on hikes.

Mr. Moshe Medel-  31 years old from Nahariya has a BA in Political Science and is currently studying for his MA in International Relations. His hobbies includes boxing, dancing and just enjoying life.











Study Abroad Staff

Director, Study Abroad

Ms. Michal Morgenstern Laor



Undergraduate Marketing and Recruitment

Ms. Michal Gottlieb


Academic Advisor

Dr. Miryam Sivan



Undergraduate Admission

Mr Jason Hochman



Student Affairs Coordinator

Ms. Sivan Shovaly



Finance Director

Ms. Keren Hashimshony




Social Acitvities Coordinator

Ms. Dana Itskovitz


 Meet Our Students


 Matthias Messerle

Fall 2015

Tubingen University

      Why Haifa? Because I was looking for a place where I can study Jewish Studies and Islamic Studies. A place where I can combine both cultures, and where it is safe. I have been to Israel before but I knew that Haifa has an  atmosphere of multiculturalism, understanding, and of coexistence.

     What do you like the most about Haifa? Meeting people from all over the world, new friends, and the peaceful atmosphere.







Tobias Schmieke

Academic Year 2015-2016

Maintz University

      Why Haifa? I wanted to experience something else than Europe. I really liked the program and the  ourses were very interesting.  The University is filled with International Students, the city feels more liberal, and everyone can live how they want.

      What do you like to the most About Haifa? The weather is the best thing! 

       You can meet people from the all over world and I have met people from every continent