Hecht Anat

 Dr Anat Hecht

Intercultural Encounters: Through an Antropological Lens
Email: students.hecht@gmail.com 

Dr. Anat Hecht received her PhD in Social Antropology from University College London (following her BA studies in Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology, at the University of Haifa). She has taught at Westminster University, University College London (as a visiting lecturer), Western Galilee College and the University of Haifa. She has worked as a qualitative research adviser at both University College London and the University of Haifa. Her main research interests include the study of narrative culture and material culture, identity and belonging, intercultural encounters, migration, tourism and leisure. Her forthcoming publication "Pasts, Places & People: Contemporary Museum Consumption & Cultural Change" examines the production, perception and consumptions of history museums and their role within the changing cultures of leisure, education and identity.