Course Information

Course Load

Full-time undergraduate students in the International School must take a minimum of 12 credits per semester to be regarded as a full time student. Each credit represents one academic hour (45 mins) of classroom instruction however the normal course load per semester for international students is between 15-16 credits, with a maximum of 18 credits allowed. Students are responsible for fulfilling the minimum requirements of their home universities.

All of the semester and year abroad program courses in the International School are upper level undergraduate courses, even if they occasionally contain introductory subjects. They usually require a research paper and a mid-term or final exam.

The following is the grading system in the International School:

A+ = 97-100
A = 93-96
A- = 90-92
B+ = 87-89
B = 83-86
B- = 80-82
C+ = 77-79
C = 73-76

C- = 70-72

D+ = 67-69
D = 63-66

D- = 60-62
F = Below 60

There is no pass/fail option in the International School


Credit Equivalence

1 Study Abroad Credit = 1 American University Credit                             

1 Study Abroad Credit = 1.5 ECTS


Courses of Instruction

The International School offers a variety of courses taught in English, as well as Hebrew and Arabic language courses. Not all courses are offered each semester, so please pay attention to when a course is being offered.

Click here to see the International School's course catalog.

Students who are proficient in Hebrew are welcome to enroll in all courses taught in the various other departments at the University, provided they meet the pre-requisites of the course.  The International School has an agreement with the University that any student in our department who enrolls in a course taught in Hebrew can write the required papers and exams in English.  If your computer can display Hebrew fonts, please click here to view the University's course catalog.  Otherwise, please be in touch with us about courses of interest taught in Hebrew.

Courses offered in the Department of English Language and Literature are all taught in English - and are open to international students. The department course list will become available during the summer before the beginning of the fall semester. If you would like to receive a copy of the complete list, please be in touch with us.

The course schedules of the International School will be published during the summer.  However, each year we expect that we will offer most of the same courses.  Therefore, if you need to receive pre-approval from your university regarding the courses you will study in Haifa, use the current course list as your guide. 

Students are permitted to Audit one course only during the semester. Auditing requirements: attending all courses, reading all materials, and participating in class discussions. Students are exempt from writing exams and papers. An Audited class must be registered for before Final Registration closes and this course appears on a student's transcript, but for 0 credit.


Registration Information

After the one week shopping period, students fill out their final registration form. Once this is done, students may not add or drop courses, they may not change a course's status from for credit to Audit , or from seminar to elective. 

Students who wish to take courses at the the regular university, have one week of studies in the regular university to make a final decision about whether to register or not for a particular course. This week is usually one or two weeks later than the Study Abroad semester's start. After that there is adding or dropping of them either, nor a change of status from for credit to Audit, or from seminar to elective.

Attendance is mandatory for all courses. The University of Haifa allows for a 20% absentee rate. Any absence over this will make the student ineligible for taking a final exam and/or handing in a final paper.

Lateness is not acceptable and will be noted. Excessive lateness will have a negative effect on the final grade.


Withdrawal from a Course

You may withdraw from a course within the first two weeks of the fall or spring semester or within the first three days of a summer or intensive course, and the course will be erased from your registration and transcript. After final registration, no withdrawals are permitted, and all registered courses will appear on your transcript.


Incomplete Coursework, Late Submissions, Delayed Finals

Students who have not completed all required assignments by the end of the designated grading period following the end of the semester, will receive a number grade which reflects the course work done up until that point. The grade of "Incomplete" is not given in the Study Abroad program of the International School. Late assignments will only be accepted with advance permission from the instructor and may result in a lower grade.

Students are not permitted to leave the program before the end of the semester/course.

All final exams will be given by the last day of the program, and your travel arrangements home should be made accordingly. For full-time students studying in the fall or spring semester only, if you have extenuating circumstances and must leave the program early, you must submit the Multiple Petition Form (available on line under 'Admissions' – 'Forms') to the International School within the first two weeks of the semester. The form will be reviewed by the Academic Adviser of the International School and, if approved, and if necessary, arrangements will be made for you to take your final exams at your home university with a proctor.


Academic Advising

Students in the International School may request academic advising at any point of the semester for their academic uncertainties. The academic advisor is available to meet with each student individually at the beginning of the semester to go over the student's choice of courses to determine whether the courses are suitable for the student's academic needs. Throughout the semester students are encouraged to meet with the advisor if they need any assistance with their academic programs. The academic advisor, Dr. Miryam Sivan, can be found in room 236 of the International School in the Hatter Student Building. Her office hours are on Thursdays between 12:00pm and 2:30pm or by appointment. To schedule an appointment, or for any questions, please email:



Your official University of Haifa transcript is issued by the International School approximately one month after the end of the semester. While in Haifa, you will receive an email with a link to the Transcript Request Form. Here you will indicate the address or addresses to which you would like your transcripts to be sent. Before leaving the University, please make sure that you have indicated the precise address and mailing instructions. This will avoid unnecessary delays in the receipt of your transcript by your home university. You may also request that a copy of this transcript be sent to your home address.

Transcripts will not be issued unless all tuition, dormitory, activities, and gym fees as well as library fines have been paid and you have vacated your dormitory room in good order.

It is possible to order transcripts at a later date. There is a fee for these additional transcripts. Please see the following link to the: Transcript Request Form




Study Abroad Staff


Director, Study Abroad

Ms. Michal Morgenstern Laor



Undergraduate Marketing and Recruitment

Ms. Michal Gottlieb

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Academic Advisor

Dr. Miryam Sivan



Undergraduate Admission

Mr Jason Hochman



Student Affairs Coordinator

Ms. Sivan Shovaly



Finance Director

Ms. Keren Hashimshony