Nursing Summer Program

The University of Haifa, one of Israel’s leading research institutions, is committed to academic excellence and preparing students for professional careers in Israel and abroad. The Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing offers a challenging nursing program which trains students to become among the best in the field. Dedicated to creating an international learning environment, the Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing is pleased to invite international students to Israel for a two-week intensive nursing summer semester at the University of Haifa.

The Nursing Summer Graduate Program is a two week intensive program that invites nurses from all over the world who are interested in enhancing their education at the graduate level.  The program includes four courses.  Each course is worth two academic credits.  Students participating in the program may choose to enroll in as many of the four courses as they desire. 

The curriculum includes the following four courses:

Worldwide Health Isues, Health Systems and the Role of the Health Professional - 2 Credits
This course examines the broad spectrum of historical, social, cultural, economic and poltical determinants that influence the evolution of health systems by using examples found in different countries including, Israel.  In addition, this course encourages discussion of the role of nurses as contributors to the evolution of health care and to the team of professionals responsible for ensuring that health care needs for all population subgroups are met.
Course Instructor: Cheryl Zlotnick, RN, DrPH

Health Promotion and Community Nursing Interventions - 2 Credits
This course introduces theoretical and applied aspects of health promotion, tackling various levels of potential intervention, from small focused communities (e.g., one school) to mid-range communities (e.g., neighborhood) to lare scale interventions at the poltical level (e.g., change of policy and law).  The course also includes an active intervention module.
Course instructor: Daphna Carmeli, PhD

Providing Support to the Nurse: Advanced Issues in Nurse-Patient Relationships - 2 Credits
This course deals with the therapeutic encounters in health services that take place in stressful, time-limited situations with scarce resources.  Nurses' experience of these encounters are multifaceted and are composed of emotional, cognitive, behavioral, cultural, and ethical aspects. These experiences have implications for nurses' professional as well as personal life domains.  This course addresses theoretical and clinical aspects of the impact on nurses' of therapeutic encounters, the sensitive and "unspoken" issues in nurse-patient relationships, and nurse' modes of coping with them.
Course Instructor: Hadass Goldblatt, PhD

Mentoring in Nursing Education - 2 Credits
Mentoring in nursing education provides a background in how to educate professionals in the clinical environment.  Beginning with the foundation of teaching adult learners, the course offers advanced and creative strategies for the development and implementation of clinical based education.  Part of the class will be taught online.
Course Instructor: Dalit Wilhelm, RN, MA

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All courses in the nursing summer program are taught in English. The program also includes a one-day trip to Jerusalem.  Upon completion of the program, students will receive official transcripts from the University of Haifa.

Housing is available for program participants in the University of Haifa campus dormitories.  Single dorm rooms are available for 20 US dollars per day and shared dorm rooms are available for 15 US dollars per day.

Application Procedure
The application deadline is May 15th.  In order to be considered for the program, candidates must have completed an undergraduate degree in nursing from an accredited university with a GPA of 3.0 (80%) or the equivalent.  For more information about the program or to apply, please contact the University of Haifa International School at

Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing
For more information about the Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing at the University of Haifa, please visit their website here.