Aaron Munoz from University of North Texas


     Meet Our Students

Liran Koropitz

     Liran Koropitzer 20, University of Redlands California, USA

     Why Haifa?

      I chose Haifa because I wanted to experience what it meant to live in Israel. As a double major, I was looking for a place that would benefit my studies while allowing myself to immerse in the culture and study abroad experience. Additionally, as an Israeli citizen, I had been to Israel before but had never been to Haifa, a city well-known for it's coexisting communities. I thought I would come spend my fall here to learn and grow as a person.


     What do you like most about Haifa?

      The versatility of the city. I can walk to class enjoying the beautiful ocean view and at night look out my window to the gorgeous cityscape. I've met people from all over the world and the memories we are creating here are (no cliche intended) once in a lifetime opportunities. When else will I get to say that I had the chance to study in the Middle East with students of all ages from all over the world coming from completely different backgrounds?