Events - November 2017

This article lists all the academic and social events of November 2017. 


2 November, Thursday | 14h15-15h45

Seminar by the Division of the International Relations. 

Title: "Megalomania and Ruritania within the Nation: the Center-Periphery Cleavage and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Central Europe"
by Dr. Hadas Aron, Dept. of Political Science, Tel Aviv University
Location: Room 3021, 3rd floor, Terrace Building, the University of Haifa (199 Abba Houshi Blvd., Haifa, Israel)
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2 November, Thursday | 16h30-17h30

Discussion, Exhibition, Movie Screening

Title: "The Legal Treatment of Nazi Crimes in Hesse (Germany) during the Post War"
16:30-17:30 Discussion

Boris Rhein, Minister of Research and Art/ Hesse Federal State Ministry

Dr. Itamar Mann, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa

Dr. Johann Zilien, State Archive, Hesse, Germany

Location: Library Auditorium (Room 146), Library Building

17:30-18:30 Opening of the exhibition and guided tour - Foyer, Hecht Museum, Main Building
18:30-20:00 Movie “The people vs. Fritz Bauer”
Location: Library Auditorium (Room 146), Library Building
The discussion, the tour, and the movie will be held in English and will be open to the public
For more information: Haifa Center for German and European Studies

9 November, Thursday | 12h00-13h30


Title: "The German Election 2017 and its implications for Europe"
By Prof. Dr. Jürgen Neyer
European and International Politics, European University Viadrina
Location: Education Building, Room 570, Floor 5th
Professor Neyer is Professor of European and International Politics and Dean of the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences at the European University Viadrina. His lecture provides an up-to-date insight into the German debate on the future of Europe. It reflects on the implications of the 2017 Bundestag election and its likely impact on Germany’s role in Europe. He will do a tour de force over pressing problems of the European Union and addresses the question of whether Germany is ready to live up to its European responsibilities. As the „indispensable nation“, Germany carries a special obligation to provide serving leadership and to transform the neoliberal European order into a political setting which can be supported for good reasons not only by capital but also by the weak and poor. If Germany fails to live up to its responsibility, Europe will pay the price of a growing illiberal movement.

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Every 2nd Tuesday | 19h30 (November 14 & 28)

Deutscher Stammtisch

Wo? | Where | ?איפה : Haifa Beer Garden, Moriah Ave.105
Wann | When | ?מתי : Every second Tuesday, 19:30

Invited is everyone who likes to speak German, learn funny and useful German words, meet new people and have fun!

אנו מזמינים כל אחד שאוהב לדבר בגרמנית, רוצה ללמוד מילים מצחיקות ושימושיות ורוצה להיפגש חברים חדשים בכיף!

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30 November, Thursday | 12h00-13h30

Round Table Discussion

Title: "Trade Unions and Democracy in Israel and Germany: Past, Present, and Future"
By Micky Drill, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Georg Weininger, Willy Brandt Center
Yael Elnatan, A Journalist for Davar Rishon

Moderation: Dr. Ayelet Banai

Location: Library Auditorium (Room 146), Library Building
The discussion will be held in English and will be open to the public
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