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University of Haifa Need-Based Scholarship

U.S. Federal Aid for Master's program applicants


University of Haifa Need-Based Scholarship   

Each year, the University of Haifa awards need-based scholarships to students. All students seeking financial assistance are encouraged to apply. 

In addition to the scholarship application form, students must submit a letter explaining his/her financial situation.

*U.S. Applicants Only:  Copy of your Student Aid Report.  (The Student Aid Report is received after completing the FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  For information about completing the FAFSA please visit Be sure to list the University of Haifa on your FAFSA.  The University of Haifa's Federal School Code is G10456. Please note, even though the FAFSA online system might say it sends a copy to the University of Haifa, it does not actually send copies to foreign schools. As such, please provide a copy in your scholarship application to the University of Haifa.)The FAFSA forms are submitted to us for information only. You do not need to actually apply for Federal Loans.

Your application will be returned to you if any pertinent information is left blank or if you do not submit all requested supporting documentation by the deadline stated in the guidelines.

The Scholarship Committee will not look at a scholarship application unless the applicant has completed his or her application to the International School and has been accepted.

The application deadline is April 15

Need-Based Financial Aid Application Form


U.S. Federal Aid - Master's program applicants

The University of Haifa participates in the United States Department of Education Student Financial Assistance Programs. Our OPE Identification number is 01045600 or G10456.

American students are only eligible to receive federal loans if they are enrolled in an MA Program whose purpose is the completion of a degree.

How to apply? Download the University of Haifa guide and the Step-by-Step FAFSA guide


Satisfactory Academic Progress Regulations - Graduate Programs

Eligible and Ineligible Programs Disclosure

Click here for additional information for FAFSA applicants. 


Please email Timothy Alexander at for more information.

     Meet Our Students

Margherita P

      Margherita Piromalli 23, University of Trento, Genova Italy

      Why Haifa?

I chose Haifa because it meant being in one place and getting to know people all from all over the world; different languages, cultures, religions and backgrounds. All of them made have made a great difference in my experience, and thanks to them, I am richer than the day before and each day is full of new surprises and learning experiences.


What do you like most about Haifa?

Haifa University offers a high level of education. Classes are inspiring and amazing, and being able to take language courses has helped me to live my experience fully. Haifa is definitely my home, far away from home.

Thank you Haifa, thank you Israel!