Brand New: Global Green MBA at the University of Haifa

            GLobal Green

Taking advantage of Israel’s vast experience in the areas of water management and renewable energy solutions, and its proven leadership in developing innovative and sustainable technologies, the University of Haifa’s Faculty of Management has launched a new MBA program, the “Global Green MBA”, which will train the next generation of leaders in sustainable business management.

The Global Green MBA program, to begin in October 2013 with its first international cohort, is unique in Israel for its focus on the environmental, social and governance issues that are increasingly at the heart of business managers’ responsibilities. This new MBA program will promote sustainability-oriented leadership by providing students with the essential tools for business management together with both compulsory and elective courses on topics related to sustainability and environmental management. A mandatory field project offers students the opportunity to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in the MBA curriculum to a real-world, business-related case study. This coming year will see students from Israel, India, Indonesia and North America.

Dr. Andrea Ghermandi, Program Head, related his excitement for the program launch: “This innovative new program, which is unique in Israel, confirms the leadership role and commitment of the University of Haifa in advancing the public and scientific debate on sustainable development in Israel and internationally. We trust that it will contribute to train a new generation of responsible managers for successful careers in corporate positions, small businesses, environmental consulting posts, governmental agencies and NGOs.”

The program is particularly appropriate for young graduates and previous business experience is an advantage but is not compulsory.

For more information on the program, please visit the website: