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The University of Haifa's International School is renowned for its intensive language study programs in Hebrew and Arabic. In light of global trends and the increased interest of students to have access to more in-depth curricula, we are pleased to offer a new program in Arabic Culture and Civilization that will enable the serious student to experience an integrated and expanded approach to the Arab world.

Arabic Language Program

Modern Standard Arabic
Students interested in learning Modern Standard Arabic are welcome to enroll in the semester courses whose classes meet three mornings a week for two hours. Instruction is offered from beginner through advanced levels. Students enrolled in the intermediate and advanced levels receive an extra hour per week of conversational Arabic to complement their studies. Credits: Six

Spoken Arabic
The Spoken Arabic course focuses on acquiring vocabulary and grammar skills using everyday topics and situations. This course allows students to communicate with native Arabic speakers. Credits: Four

Summer Intensive Arabic Language Course

In July and August, two consecutive, four-week sessions are offered as an intensive summer language program. Students will go on weekly field trips to visit locations of interest in Arab communities in the northern parts of Israel. An afternoon homework club is offered for students who wish to receive extra help with their studies from local students. Credits: Five

Arabic Culture & Civilization

A concentration of 3-credit courses is now being offered to provide the student with expanded knowledge of Arab culture to complement the Arabic language courses. Please check our website for details and syllabi.

Arabic Immersion Experience

In order to provide a more comprehensive immersion experience in both Arabic language and culture, students have the opportunity to request to live with Arab students in the on-campus dormitories. Additionally, internships in the Arab community, either in Haifa or in one of the Druze villages next to campus, can be arranged. Student interns experience the Arab society from the inside and can gain important insights by actually being part of grass-roots political, educational, feminist and/or cultural organizations.


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