Master of Arts in Israel Studies

Faculty of Humanities, School of History, Department of Israel Studies, Department of Jewish History

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  • Study in Multicultural environment 
  • Gain practical experience while learning theory 
  • Get trained for professional and academic career setting
  • 1-year program



Program description

The International Master’s Degree Program in Israel studies offers students the opportunity to partake in an in-depth study of the State of Israel covering periods of the beginning of the Zionist movement to the present day. The course aims to elucidate the theoretical underpinnings of the Zionist project, communities of the Jewish diaspora and their relationship to the modern state of Israel, and the deep complexities of Israeli society in light of its multicultural character.

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented growth of scholarly interest in Israeli history, politics, society and culture. Numerous programs, research centers and chair endowments in Israel Studies have been established in North America and Europe, adding a new, fresh and innovative dimension to existing programs in Judaic Studies. The Israel Studies program is designed for students who wish to deepen their understanding of the experiences of the Israeli population from a range of perspectives, against the wider backdrop of twentieth-century Jewish history, Middle Eastern politics and society.


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What you will study

The program will examine Israeli society from a variety of perspectives, including Aliyah and migration; economics and politics; culture, religion, history and the ties between Israel and Jewish communities abroad. The one-year program is taught in English over three consecutive semesters from October through August. Students wishing to pursue the thesis track will be required to submit a research thesis within one year of completing their coursework.

We offer a comprehensive academic program, which features a fascinating and dynamic curriculum combining concurrent study in the classroom and in the field. The program integrates faculty-led field trips and tours to historical and archaeological sites. The students also meet with representatives from different sectors that make up Israeli society

Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded an MA in Israel Studies from the Faculty of Humanities and Department of Israel Studies.

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  •  An undergraduate degree in the humanities or social sciences from a recognized university in Israel or abroad. 

  • A minimum of 3.0 GPA, 80% (Israeli system) or equivalent

  • Official transcript of BA degree and copy of undergraduate diploma

  • TOEFL scores (if applicable)

  • Two recommendations from relevant academic faculty members

  • Statement of Intent/Personal Essay (500-750 words)

  • Curriculum Vitae/Résumé

  • Medical forms (international students only)

    Students who have not completed the required credits in history during their undergraduate studies will be requested to take relevant courses. Each case will be considered on its own merit. For more information on admissions requirements and pre-requisites, please contact us. 

 Check application deadlines.


Graduates of the program will be well placed to continue academic careers in their home countries both in Middle Eastern studies and the growing field of Israel studies specifically. They will also find the use for their studies in the fields of diplomacy and journalism; working for a variety of Israel-related NGOs, and points of cultural exchange between Israel and the world.


For international students tuition and fees for the full academic year is $US 10,630*. The fee breakdown appears below: 

Tuition  $9,700
Service Fees (Security, Library, Health Insurance, etc.)  $930
TOTAL (in US Dollars) $10,630

*This information is relevant for International applicants only. For Israeli citizens and ID holders please contact the Tuition Department here 

There is a non-refundable $100 application fee per academic year for the program.

Dormitories are available for $450 per month.

* Final tuition for the next academic year is updated each August. For more information on the cost of our programs, dormitories, etc. and payment instructions please click here


  • Religion, Science and Politics in the Cartography of Israel from the Middle Ages to Our Time
  • The Holocaust and the Israeli Society
  • The Zionist Ideology
  • A Social History of Palestinian Society, 1900-1948
  • 1948 War - Field Course
  • Modern Israeli Society
  • Israel Stories: Page, Stage, and Screen
  • Modern Polish-Jewish History and Culture
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict: History and Diplomacy
  • Crusader Castles and Battle Site (Field trips)
  • Jewish Artists and the Stories of America

For the most recent list of courses, course description and schedule, please visit the program website


Dr. Bronstein is a lecturer in the Department of Israel Studies and in the School of History. She received her BA and MA from the University of Haifa and her PhD from the University of Cambridge. Dr. Bronstein research focuses on the Military Orders and the Crusade movement, on which she has published numerous papers and a book The Hospitallers and the Holy Land; Financing the Latin East, 1187-1274.  She is currently involved in a research project which studies the role medieval material culture has played in the building of a Jewish nation in the land of Israel. This research is part of an ongoing project: “Framing the Medieval Mediterranean”, supported by the Getty Foundation as part of its Connecting Art Histories initiative. She is also currently involved in a research project which studied the relation between food and culture in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

To explore the rest of the faculty members and their specializations please click here.  


This program is eligible for Masa scholarship. For more scholarship information please visit the Program's Scholarships page.

Faculty scholarships are available up to $4,500US for eligible applicants.  Please inquire when applying.  

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