Master of Arts in Statistics

Department of Statistics, Faculty of Social Sciences


  • Prepares for both professional and academic careers.


  • Emphasis on data analysis and computational know-how.


  • One-year or two-year full-time program.

Program description

During the last decade, there has been a dramatic increase in the size and complexity of data collected by both Industry and the Academic community. Examples include genomic and proteomic data on one hand, and social media and electronic commerce data on the other. The availability of such vast quantities of data is having a large impact on both academic research and business practices. In particular, it is changing the nature and focus of the statistical profession.

The Department of Statistics at the University of Haifa is dedicated to providing its students with a rigorous, modern and up to date education in this exciting era for our profession. We focus on fundamentals while teaching the newest methods and applications. We emphasize computational know-how, the understanding of statistical ideas, and the ability to apply them. We train our graduates to analyze and draw meaningful conclusions from data, a skill that is becoming ever more important. Our goal is to see out graduates assume leading roles, within the profession, whatever their career choices may be.


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What you will study

The International Master of Arts program in Statistics at the University of Haifa in Israel is dedicated to providing you with a rigorous, modern, and up-to-date education in Statistics. You will be trained to analyze and draw meaningful conclusions from data collected in a variety of application areas. This includes clinical trials, finance, genomics, and social media and web/mobile applications. The ability to reason with data is a skill that is becoming ever more important in the current age of Big Data, Data Science, and the Digital Economy.

The cutting-edge curriculum emphasizes computational know-how and the fundamental and core themes of the statistical sciences. At the same time it is also mathematically rigorous and challenging. The program will prepare you for further academic studies as well as for data related leadership roles in various industries including High-Tech, E-commerce, Healthcare, Research and Development and more.

The one-year program (non-thesis track) is taught in English over 3 consecutive semesters. A thesis track is also offered to those students who are interested in continuing to Ph.D. Your academic studies at the University of Haifa will be enhanced with networking opportunities with students from Israel and all over the world as well as by vibrant life on and off campus, which will acquaint you with Israeli culture, language, and start-up mentality.

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  • Undergraduate degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science or Engineering (or other quantitative backgrounds). Some background in probability and statistics is required;
  • GPA: 80%, 3.0;
  • TOEFL scores (if native language is not English or candidates have not previously studied at an institution of higher education where the language of instruction is English). A minimum of 570 (paper-based test), 230 (computer-based test), or 89 (internet based test)
  • 2 Recommendation letters
  • Personal Statement (500-700 words)
  • Skype interview
  • Additional documents may be required. Contact us for more details.

Check application deadlines.


We are entering a golden age for the statistical sciences and profession. Companies large and small have come to realize that their data is among their most important assets, an asset they should analyze and learn from. Consequently, the demand for statistical expertise, and for statisticians, is rapidly growing. In addition to the traditional jobs in academia, government and the pharmaceutical industry, there is today a huge demand in modern applications such as finance, e-commerce, and social media to name a few. In some of these settings, statisticians go by the name of data scientists. The data explosion is also fueling research in new methods and models.

Graduates of our program have found employment in a variety of settings. Some have gone to assume academic positions. The majority, however, have found work in either industry and/or government. This includes large companies such as the Israeli Electric Company, the Israeli Ministry of Health, and Pharmaceutical companies such as Teva. Other graduates have preferred to work for smaller companies in various industries including the biomedical arena and as consultants in such companies as Boston Consulting. Recent graduates have found work as data scientists in the high-tech sector with transnational companies such as Intel and Microsoft.


For international students tuition and fees for the full academic year is $US 10,630*. The fee breakdown appears below: 

Tuition  $9,700
Service Fees (Security, Library, Health Insurance, etc.)  $930
TOTAL (in US Dollars) $10,630


*This information is relevant for International applicants only. For Israeli citizens and ID holders please contact the Tuition Department here 

There is a non-refundable $100 application fee per academic year for the program.

Dormitories are available for $450 per month.

* Final tuition for the next academic year is updated each August. For more information on the cost of our programs, dormitories, etc. and payment instructions please click here.


The Non-Thesis Track lasts for three consecutive semesters over 12 months. In addition to a non-thesis track, a Thesis Track is offered, which takes five semesters over 24 months. The courses include:

  • Probability
  • Applied statistics I
  • Algorithms for data analysis
  • Stochastic process with applications
  • Statistical Inference
  • Applied statistics II
  • Statistical learning theory
  • The analysis of large and high dimensional data sets
  • Statistical Consulting Project

Note: Internship/Statistical Practice may be included for outstanding students. For more details on the courses, please click here


The faculty members of the Department of Statistics have broad international experience. Some were born outside of Israel, others have studied abroad and/or hold doctorate degrees from foreign universities. All of the faculty members either have been post-doctoral fellows or have held visiting positions at top universities in Europe, East Asia or the US. Our faculty members regularly publish research in the highly ranked international journals and lecture at the top conferences of the profession. 

The Head of the program, Professor Ori Davidov, has been a faculty member in Haifa since October 1999.  Professor Davidov's research has been supported by the Israeli Science Foundation, the Binational Science Foundation, and the USA’s National Institute of Health. Professor Davidov has published the results of his research work in the top Academic Journals and has had the opportunity to present his research at numerous international venues. He has twenty years of teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate level. Professor Davidov has taught courses in Israel, the United States, Europe, and Thailand and is an active participant in the Inter-European Network of researchers. In addition, professor Davidov has consulted pharmaceutical companies, venture capital, and software firms. 

A full list of faculty staff can be found here



Scholarships are available for exceptional applicants. International school may offer scholarships for early applicants. Learn about application deadlines here.
Information on other scholarships and financial aid can be found here.



"The knowledge I gained during my coursework, provided me with a variety of opportunities in Boston, including offers for postdoctoral and research positions at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School..."


Sofi Rosen, Ph.D. Biostatistics


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