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Press Release: A Rare Scarab Seal Found at Tel Dor

“These findings may be attributed to the mechanisms of directly witnessing the multiple maximal adversities to the most important people in their lives, while they themselves fled in the knowledge of what was happening to their relatives, their friends, colleagues and their communities," said Professor Stephen Levine of the University of Haifa.

Press Release: The New Shanghai-Haifa Research Projects Moves up a Grade

University of Haifa and Chinese University ECNU to Establish Joint Laboratory on the Chinese Campus
  • University of Haifa President, Amos Shapira: “The establishment of the joint building is a massive step forward in the academic cooperation, and evidence of the great importance ECNU attaches to cooperation with the University of Haifa".

Meet our Professor: Chalom Schirman of IMBA

Prof. Chalom Shirman, the Head of the International MBA Program

Meet one of our professors - and also new Head of the International MBA program - Professor Chalom Schirman. What follows is a brief biography of his background and career.  


We Revamped Our Blog

The graduate division of the University of Haifa International School has updated its blog.