International Graduate Programs Overview

 The University of Haifa offers international English-language graduate programs in a variety of disciplines. The one and two-year programs are designed to equip students with the tools they need to succeed in their respective fields and aim to provide practical experiences that will lend themselves to success in a highly competitive global market. Participants will have the opportunity to study with students from Israel and from around the world and benefit from a supportive network of administration and faculty staff. 

International Master's Programs

One-year Master Programs

Extended Master programs

  1. Child Development
  2. Diplomacy Studies
  3. German and European Studies
  4. Global Green MBA
  5. Global Health Leadership and Administration (MPH)
  6. Holocaust Studies
  7. Israel Studies
  8. Jewish Studies
  9. Maritime Civilizations
  10. National Security Studies
  11. Peace and Conflict Management
  12. Prehistoric Archaeology
  13. Statistics
  1. International Relations (Dual degree with Warsaw University)
  2. Marine Geosciences (MSc)
  3. International MBA (Focus: Asia)

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Short-Term Program for Graduate Students

Students who have completed their undergraduate degree, or are current master's students and would like to further their studies are welcome to enroll for a semester or year in the International School. These students have the opportunity to enrich their studies by designing a directed-reading course or independent research project in a topic of their choice. This program is ideal for recent BA graduates and current graduate students who want to explore subjects they were unable to study in their undergraduate degrees, are looking for more experience before applying to a graduate program, or want to do independent study abroad.

Students are expected to take three to five courses each semester.In addition to the courses that we offer, students in the short term graduate program are welcome to enroll in any of our specialty programs: Honors in Psychology; Honors in Peace & Conflict Studies; the Global Law Program; and the Internship Program. All of the courses in the International School are taught in English and are fully accredited.

Apply to the Short-Term Graduate Program here.


PhD Studies 

For information about doctoral studies at the University of Haifa please see the Graduate Studies Authority website here.


Information for Israeli applicants

Information for Olim


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