Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is Haifa?

Good question! Haifa is located in the northers sea shore on top of the Carmel mountain in Israel, looking over the Mediterranean. Would you like to see it on the map?

How safe is it over there?

Haifa is very safe. It’s a mixed city where everyone lives in co-existence and the general atmosphere is very good. On the campus itself we have security guards and security measures 24/7 so it feels extremely safe. Haifa itself is located far from the places you hear about on the news

How are the social life over Haifa?

On campus itself we offer many social activities such as hikes, tours, cultural events, social activities and more. We have a special team of social coordinators dedicated to our students just for this reason. Also, on campus the student's union itself initiate many social activities including parties and concerts on campus along other activities. Now, as for the city itself, the city is very lifeful full with young people and we have many places to go out to such as downtown, the beach, museums, public events and more. So, it is not boring at all!

Where will I stay during my time in Haifa?

You can choose to stay on or off campus. If you'll decide to stay on-campus we can offer you housing in our dormitories. There are two types of dorms- Single bed and double. In the single bed you will have your own room with private toilets and shower and a shared kitchen with your 5 roommates. In the double bed you will share a room with another student, shared toilets & shower and a shared kitchen

Who will be my roommates?

You can ask to live with local students to integrate in the society. Also, you may ask to be only with international students. Actually, our university is the only place where international students can live with locals in the dorms.

Is there a meal plan?

We do not offer this kind of a program. Our students are taking care of their food. For many it becomes a part of the experience as many times they cook with their roommates.

Is it possible to get a scholarship?

There are many options for scholarship you can apply to. Please leave your details and we'll get back to you with more information about your options.

What kind of medical cover will I have?

All our students are required to have and Israel insurance. Most of our students are covered by Harel, which is the biggest insurance company in Israel. This cover includes many things and is very comprehensive. If you'd like to have more information you are welcome to leave your details here and one of our office staff will get back to you.

What language are the studies being taught in?

All our courses are being taught in English. If you'd like to study in Hebrew it is possible, but it requires an approval of our studies advisor according to your level of Hebrew skills.

Will I study also with local students?

Yes, our Master's programs are a joint programs with Israeli students 

What kind of Arabic do you teach?

We teach both spoken and litterateur Arabic on all levels. We can offer programs all over the year, and also a special track in which you will study not only the language but also the Arabic culture.

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