Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies - Program Description

Middle Eastern Studies - Program Description

Program Description 

The program provides instruction, training, and first-hand acquaintance with Middle Eastern affairs and offers academic instruction and mentoring, professional training and opportunities for close cultural encounters in the rich and dynamic setting of Haifa.

Promoting Middle Eastern Encounters along both time and space – including religious, cultural, political, ideological encounters. The city of Haifa, in general, and the campus of the University of Haifa, in particular, are a living laboratory where religious and ethnic groups, such as Jews, Muslims, Christians and Baha'is, as well as Druze, Bedouin and Circassians live, interact and study side-by-side, constituting a micro-cosmos of the Middle East.

The Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies aims to accommodate an international community of students from related disciplinary backgrounds, provide academic resources, develop and lead academic inquiries, explore the role of civil-society institutions, and endorse a vibrant and stimulating intellectual experience under the supervision of a team of leading professionals.

What you will study

This is a unique program with a mixed curriculum of academic instruction and hands-on experience in matters pertaining to the cultural, religious, and political aspects of the past and the contemporary issues affecting the region.

The staff of the program is composed of Israeli experts on the Middle East, and involves academic field trips throughout the program.At each site, students will receive a guided tour, a lecture from the local leadership, and conduct discussions with local community members. Through these encounters, students will learn about the history, present concerns, and visions of local communities. The program provides hands-on access to what it means to be living in the Middle East.

Courses bring insights into a range of fields and disciplines, such as sociology, economics, culture, religion and history, as well as politics equip students and future Middle East scholars with the tools necessary to better analyze and understand events in the modern Middle East.

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