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Course Description: 

The Bible is a book of theology. It presents its theology in a particular non-linear style. It does not state things directly but hints at concepts which the reader has to understand and expand upon. In order to decipher this style we need to pay close attention to the text. First we have to pay attention to specific words which sometimes have double meanings. We have to explain particular thoughts and then place them in the larger picture.

The Bible can be divided into two major themes - the nature of the human soul and the mission of the People of Israel. This class will examine the texts that deal with the nature of the human soul.

The semester will include the creation of the human in the image of God in Genesis Chapter One, the Garden of Eden and the creation of man and woman, the Cain and Able story, the binding of Isaac, parts of Ecclesiastes and Job and the Book of Jonah. We will concentrate on the use of specific words, and double meanings. The purpose is not only to understand these texts but to give students the tools to read the Bible in the proper way.

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