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Program Description

August 6th – August 29th, 2019
(Course level openings dependent on registration, applicants will be notified by May 15th, of level and course openings)

The program focuses on Modern Standard Arabic. 

Classes meet four days a week, six hours each day, and students can expect several hours of homework every day. In order to provide an opportunity for students to actually speak Arabic and immerse in the culture, students will go on weekly field trips to visit locations of interest in Arab communities in the northern parts of Israel. An afternoon homework club is available for students who are interested in receiving extra help with their studies from local students.

The courses are taught in English and are designed for beginners who have never studied the language (Elementary I), for student's who have already had some exposure to the Arabic language (Elementary II), and for students who have already taken formal Arabic lessons (Intermediate I). Acceptance to the program is conditional upon completing a placement exam by May 1, 2019. Only students who fit the offered course levels (Elementary I, II, and Intermediate I) will be accepted into the summer program.

The Arabic Language Program awards 5 academic credits.
Scholarships are available for each session!

Course Syllabus - Elementary I
Course Syllabus - Elementary II 


The Intensive Arabic Course is open to all students above the age of 18 with a high school diploma, as well as adult learners.

Placement Exam

Click here to download the Intensive August Arabic placement exam. Please fill out the mandatory prior-knowledge questionnaire to be submitted with all placement exams.

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