A new student group from ECNU and other universities in China arrived on a new tailor-made academic study tour "Innovation & Start-up".

During this intensive ten-day tour, the students will learn about the Israeli start-up environment, why Israel is so successful in the international start-up arena and will have an opportunity to speak to serial entrepreneurs like Dr. Barak Ben-Avinoam who is an expert in the field of early-stage investments, technology start-ups, accelerators and incubators.

Mr. Nir Kelner

Mr. Nir Kelner, Tel Aviv area manager from Regus, who specializes in networking and expanding network business connections, shares the global network workplace of more than 3,000 business centres in 120 countries.

Throughout this academic tour, The Israel- China Innovation Forum is held on 7.8.16, The Regus Company provides us a platform that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors to give the Chinese Delegation the latest trends in innovation, venture capital, accounting, financial , creativity, network and business development in Israel.

University of Haifa invites speakers from a mixture of well-established large corporations who contribute to this forum such as Mr. Ran Achituv, General Partner from Magma Venture Partners. He discusses with the Chinese students how the company invests in start- up companies at their earliest stages and how it invests in Israel's Information, Communications and Technology space and other various fields.  

Mr. Ran Achituv

Mr. Ran Achituv, General Partner from Magma Venture Partners, who discusses with the Chinese students.

Mr. Stefan Guberman

 Mr. Stefan Guberman, CEO from The Guberman Group shares with the delegation about the Full-Service Multidisciplinary provider of accounting and financial management services in Israel.

Mr. Aaron Landis

Mr. Aaron Landis, the VP of Sparkup presents to the delegations an amazing educational tool: a magic books show!

Mr. Eli Zagin

Mr. Eli Zagin, marketing manager from The Guberman group and Einat Dzigan Regional Marketing Manager from Regus helps the University of Haifa to arrange such a successful event.

The students

The students showed great interest in all of the speakers and they learned a lot from the Israeli Innovation Market to take back to China in these various fields.

This is an opportunity for students to learn how to materialize an idea for a start-up company, practice pitching to investors and build a robust business model for it.  This program is also designed to present an insight into our culture, lifestyle, and beliefs. 

The students will also travel to a kibbutz, listen to lectures at a bar and have an opportunity to mingle with the locals. Visits to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea are also included in the itinerary.  A whole day will be dedicated to a visit of the Regus start-up hub, which is located in Tel-Aviv. 

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gift exchange 

Gift exchange with representatives of ECNU at the opening ceremony for the Innovation and Start-up program

Zhang He

Zhang He, Assistant Director of the Office of Liason at ECNU is giving an introductory speech at the opening ceremony.

Professor Dani Nadel 

Professor of Archaeology of the Univeristy of Haifa Dani Nadel is presenting prehistoric life in Israel.


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