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On Campus Dining

 The University does not offer Meal Plans for students. All students living in the dorms have shared kitchens in their suites, with amenities for cooking.Students are able to buy groceries from the mini-market on campus, located near the dorms. Off campus, there are a wide variety of supermarkets in Haifa to choose from as well as the bustling Talpiot Market.

Mini-Market – Located in the dorms complex.  Open Sundays through Thursdays 8:00- 20:00, and on Fridays 8:00- 14:00.

Cafeterias and Campus Dining

Students are able to take advantage of the vast array of cafes and cafeterias on campus, including many vegetarian and vegan options.

All cafeterias on campus have Kosher certification.  You will find campus dining options in the following locations:

  • Elite Coffee – in the shopping arcade outside the Main Building at main bus stop
  • Main Building Food Court – Daily Café, Thai Cuisine, Effy's Home-cooking, Italian Food & Bakery
  • Main building 500 floor – Student Café Aguda.
  • Café Greg – Between the Main Building and the Rabin Building (on the campus green)
  • Coffee Shop and Café –1st floor of the Education Building
  • Aroma Café – 6th floor of the Rabin Building
  • Dairy Café Pilpelet – 3rd floor of the Terrace Building
  • Aguda Café - Student Building 1st floor -  subsidized meals and snacks

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