Dr. Yakub Halabi

Dr. Yakub Halabi finished his BA degree at the Hebrew University majoring in Economics and International Relations. In 1994, he completed his Master’s degree in International Relations, specializing in international political economy and political economy of the Middle East. From 1995 to 2001, Dr. Halabi pursued his Ph.D. at the University of Denver, School of International Studies. Dr. Halabi has taught between 2001-2010 at the University of Haifa and from 2010-2017 both at Concordia University in Montreal and Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. During the last few years, Dr. Halabi has devoted his research interest to the politics and rights of minorities, such as the Christians, Druze and Kurds, in both Lebanon and Syria. Dr. Halabi has published two books and numerous articles dealing with IR theories and Middle East politics. 

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