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Entry Regulations

Anyone who has been vaccinated with two doses of vaccines (or a single dose in the case of Johnson & Johnson) or a third booster dose within the last six months will be allowed to enter the country. The student will be asked to present the vaccination certificates upon boarding the flight and upon filling the entry statement form and this basis for allowing the entry.

Anyone who has been recovered is required to present a positive PCR test from the period in which the student was ill in the last six months and this will be equivalent to a vaccine.If more than half a year has passed since the second vaccination or recovery, the students will have to receive the third booster dose. Please note, in order to enter the country, the student will need to wait for one week after receiving the third booster dose (for AstraZenica and Moderna –two weeks before the flight).Vaccines that are recognized and accepted currently in Israel (the list is dynamic and might be subject to change):







Serum Institute (India)

Sputnik (as of November 15)

For detailed entry requirements, PCR tests, and entry forms please refer to the Ministry of Health website: 


Students currently abroad and planning to come to Israel

In addition to your visa application process, you will need to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements.

Please read the new regulations carefully and make sure you comply with the new entry regulations, especially the required vaccine timeframes.

The detailed regulations can be found on the ministry of health website:


Students Leaving the Country for Holidays

Please note that according to these regulations, students who leave the country and have not been vaccinated within the past 6 months will not be permitted to re-enter the country, unless you submit a request to the Exceptions Committee, and obtain the entry permit to return before you leave the country.  You can find the relevant form here:

However, we strongly discourage traveling at this time.


Ministry of Health Green Pass

New Arrivals: Based on the data that is entered in the entry form (, the Green Pass will be issued after the release from isolation and will be sent to the e-mail and/or Israeli telephone number listed on the entry form.  The Green Pass will become valid 24 hours after landing in Israel.


European Students and Green Pass

As of November 1st, European students who have not been issued a Green Pass can try to do so by scanning their EU vaccination certificate with the QR code into the Ramzor application.

To download the Ramzor app, go here:



  • After downloading the application please choose the Hello option at the top of the screen then choose to get started and accept the terms of use
  • After setup, you can go to the QR code on the screen and scan your EU certificate barcode.

For additional information regarding the current regulations, please follow updates from the Ministry of Health here:



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