Student Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid is available through University of Haifa Need-Based Partial Scholarships as well as separate scholarships from various public and private organizations.

For information regarding need-based and non-need-based aid, as well as government aid, please visit Student Scholarship to Study in Israel webpage HERE

Need-Based partial scholarships are available to students who have been accepted to a Master’s Program in the International School on a very limited basis. 

For information regarding need-based aid please see the link found HERE.

Drug Prevention

Israeli national policy regarding the issue of drug use and abuse has three distinct but related dimensions: education and prevention, treatment, and legislation.

The Anti-Drug Authority Law (1988) established the Anti-Drug Authority of Israel whose main function is to formulate policy with regard to the prevention of drug abuse, treatment, and rehabilitation of drug addicts and enforcement of the laws and penalties pertaining to drug abuse. In addition, the Authority is to actively pursue these policies by coordinating activities between Government offices and between Government and non-government bodies in Israel that deal with drugs, to encourage and support research in the area of drug abuse, to establish ties with agencies abroad who work in this field, and to encourage the training of personnel needed to deal with the problem of drug abuse in this country.

The other relevant laws refer to the medicinal use of controlled substances - required permits and conditions of possession, registration of drug recipients; drug testing for traffic violators; drug testing among soldiers; and imposed treatment for convicted drug addicts.

Israeli drug legislation conforms to regulations of the "Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs" treaty of 1961 and its amendment of 1972, of which Israel is a signatory member, and the "Convention of Psychotropic Substances" of 1971, to which Israel abides but is not a member. The "Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances" (1988) has been signed by Israel but not yet ratified.

For help please contact the University of Haifa Berman Counseling Center.

Student Right to Know

Upon a student request, materials, which contain information directly, related to a student’s financial aid, disciplinary records, admissions file, and academic record will be made available for review. 

Review the FERPA guidelines here:

Fraud policy

Any suspicion of fraudulent activity will be reported to the approved authorities and will have serious ramifications on the future participation in the financial aid program and could lead to dismissal from the University.

Confidentiality policy

All students, faculty, administration, guests, and visitors must show appropriate identification sign in with the security guard at the entrance of the building.

Access to computer data and files is secured by password coding and internal file security. Electronic material is protected with current technological safeguards to prevent unauthorized access. Paper records are similarly held in safe storage and disposed of when necessary in a proper manner.

Missing Students 

When a student cannot be located and there is a concern for his/her well-being, Campus Security will classify this student as a "missing person". The dorm supervisor is the first person to start the chain of action. The dorm supervisor will notify the program head and the program head will notify security. Security/ Program Coordinator will notify the student’s designated contact person or/and the student’s parent or guardian. Security/Program Coordinator will contact and file a missing report with the Haifa police within 24 hours.

Services Available to Students with Disabilities

Contact the Berman Counseling office for the procedure to have an assessment allowing you, if approved extra testing time and a separate testing room.

Copyright Infringement

Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material may subject you to criminal liability outlined by Israeli law.

Default Management Plan

All students applying for Direct Loans are required to complete Entrance Counselling before funding will be disbursed.  Students are directed to complete Entrance Counselling at  

In addition to Entrance and Exit Counselling ( students are encouraged to consult the International Coordinator for budgeting and debt management tools and Orientation package. 

Students receiving current Direct Loan funding are monitored constantly.  Regular reports of enrollment are generated and reported back to the U.S.

Any student with academic difficulties is monitored by the International Coordinator and the assigned counselor.


The International program fosters retention of students and information is here.


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