The Honors Program in Peace and Conflict Studies is an interdisciplinary program which focuses on cultural, economic, educational, historical, political, psychological, religious, and social aspects of conflict resolution and peace efforts. The program brings together international students in order to use Israel as a laboratory for examining issues relating to regional and geopolitical conflicts, and the pursuit of peace.

Required Curriculum

Spring Semester Honors Seminar

Electives: Students are required to take one Political Science elective course in a related field

Guest Lecturers: As part of the program, students will have the opportunity to hear guest lecturers who will present controversial topics, as well as participate in field trips to specific locations that will provide students with additional insight into actual situations here in Israel.                                                                                                                                                        

Optional Courses 

Students can choose an Internship that relates to peace and conflict management.

Language Study Students have the option to take either Hebrew or Arabic during the semester. 

Admissions and Eligibility.

Admission to the Honors Program in Peace and Conflict Studies is selective and is open to undergraduate students who are currently studying in Departments of Peace and Conflict Studies or related programs at their home universities, as well as students of Political Science, International Relations, Middle East Studies, and Law.

To be admitted to the program, students must have a 3.2-grade point average or the equivalent and must have taken courses in peace and conflict studies and related fields beyond the introductory level. Students are welcome to participate for a semester or a full academic year.


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