Semester Internship Elective (Offered Fall and Spring Semesters)

For students interested in combining an internship with their Study Abroad program, the International School offers them the opportunity to integrate career-related internships with their studies during their time on campus. Students who are interested in an internship must complete a supplemental application for the internship program when submitting their online application. Upon admission to the International School and receipt of the internship program application, the Internship Coordinator will be in touch with the student about possible internship placements.
The internship awards 3 credits and entails a total of ten hours weekly at the internship placement. 
Internships in a high-tech company need to plan on spending 15 hours weekly at the internship placement and will receive 4 credits. Students may enroll only in one internship or directed research per semester.

(Due to COVID-19 Internships will not be offered for Fall 2020)

Not available to Gap Semester/Year students

Internship Syllabus

Internship Placement List by Major



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