Preventing Overcrowding & Open Space Behavior Guidelines


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  • ·         Private or public gatherings of more than 10 individuals indoors or outdoors are not permitted.
  • ·         The Higher Education System will hold online exams (except in special cases).

Wearing Masks

  • ·         You must wear a face mask every time you go outside your dormitory room.
  • ·         It is recommended that you have a home-made cloth mask or a specific mask. You should wear it so it covers your mouth and nose.
  • ·         You should wash your hands after touching the mask.

Keeping Distance

  • ·         Stay 2 meters from other people.
  • ·         Avoid physical contact, such as hugs and handshakes.

Practicing Hygiene

Be sure to practice hygiene and to sanitize:

  • ·         Avoid touching your face in as much as possible.
  • ·         Wash your hands often.
  • ·         Avoid opening doors with the palm of your hand (you may use tissue paper). Sanitize doors and door handles.

If Sick:

  • ·         If you have a fever or any respiratory symptoms, avoid going outdoors under any circumstances (including public transportation and public open spaces like the beach or the park).

Using Elevators

  • ·         Up to 2 people may use an elevator at the same time while keeping a distance from other people.
  • ·         In buildings over 5 stories high, the elevator may be used up to half its permitted maximum capacity, unless the people that share an elevator are members of the same household. 

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