Dr. Oren Meyers

Dr. Meyers received his B.A. from the Hebrew University (1995). While studying in Jerusalem he worked as a reporter and an editor for two city newspapers. Later, he received an M.A. (1999) and a Ph.D. (2004) from the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania.

His research interests focus on journalistic practices and values, collective memory and popular culture. His studies have been supported by the Burda Center for Innovative Communications Research, the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, the Israel Science Foundation and other foundations.

Dr. Meyers's recent publications include "Israeli Journalism during the State's Formative Era: Between Ideological Affiliation and Professional Consciousness" printed in Journalism Historyin 2005; "Historical Museums and the Americanization of the Holocaust" (in French) printed in Le Temps des medias in 2005; "What is Good Journalism? Comparing Israeli Public and Journalists' Perspectives" (with Yariv Tsfati and Yoram Peri) printed in Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism in 2006; and "Memory in Journalism and the Memory of Journalism: Israeli Journalists and the Constructed Legacy of Haolam Hazeh" which is forthcoming in Journal of Communication.

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