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 Full-Time Study Abroad

2018 - 2019 Academic Year
 Session  Tuition Housing   Payment Deadline
     Single  Double  
 Full Year   $11,700   $3,600  $2,560  
 Full Year + Internship Course  $14,300   $3,600  $2,560  
 Fall Semester   $7,000   $1,575   $1,120  
 Fall Semester + Internship Course   $8,300  $1,575  $1,120  
 Spring Semester   $7,000   $2,025   $1,440  
 Spring Semester + Internship Course   $8,300  $1,575  $1,120  
2019 - 2020 Academic Year
 Session  Tuition  Housing  Payment Deadline
     Single  Double  
 Full Year  *  $3,825  $2,720  
 Full Year + Internship Course  *  $3,825  $2,720  
 Fall Semester  *  $1,800  $1,280  
 Fall Semester + Internship Course  *  $1,800  $1,280  
 Spring Semester  *  $2,025  $1,440  
 Spring Semester + Internship Course  *  $2,025  $1,440  




 Graduate Programs - 2019-2020 Academic Year 

 Program  Tuition  Service Fees*   Housing   Payment Deadline
 One-year Programs  $9,700  $990  $450 per month   
 Dual-Degree in International Relations   In Haifa $5,000  $900  $450 per month   
 In Warsaw €3,000  €200**  €100-150 per month


* Service fees include campus Wi-Fi, Library services, on-campus Security, mandatory Health Insurance and other services provided by the University. It is mandatory for second and third-year graduate students to purchase health insurance. Please contact us for more information.  

** Please verify with Warsaw University


 Part-Time Study Abroad and Language Programs 2018-2019 Academic Year

 Session  Tuition   Health Insurance*  Payment Deadline 
 Fall Semester Language Course   $1,000     
 Fall Semester Language Course for Israelis   $920     
 Fall Semester Beginners Spoken Arabic Course $1,000    
 Fall Semester Academic Course (3 Credits)  $1,600    
 Spring Language Course Semester   $1,000     
 Spring Semester Language Course for Israelis  $920    
 Spring Semester Beginners Spoken Arabic Course  $1,000    
 Spring Semester Academic Course (3 Credits)  $1,600    


*Students studying language only or an individual course for the semester are part-time students and the fee does not include Israeli health insurance or student activity fees. Israeli health insurance for all part-time students is mandatory please see below for costs:

Semester: $260

Academic Year: $570


 Winter Programs 2018-2019 Academic Year

 Session   Tuition  Housing    Payment Deadline 
     Single   Double   
 Intensive Winter Language Program*  $1,400  $450*  $320*  


*Dormitories for the Winter programs are only available for full-time students staying on the for the spring semester.


 Summer Programs 2018-2019 Academic Year

 Session   Tuition  Housing    Payment Deadline 
     Single   Double   
 June Total Beginners Hebrew Course  $1,000  -----  -----  No activities, doesn't include mandatory health insurance
 July Language Program   $1,400   $450   $320   
 July and August Language Program   $2,000   $900   $640   
 August Language Program   $1,400   $450   $320   
 August: Models of Mentorship in Education Practice  $1,600  $450  $320  
 August: The Mediterranean: Past, Present and Future  $1,600   $450   $320   
 Summer Innovation Academic Tour  $2,700*  -----  -----  


*Tuition for the Summer Innovation Academic Tour is all-inclusive, flight ticket is not included.


Please Note: 

  • All fees are in US Dollars.
  • There is a non-refundable $80 application fee for all study abroad and language programs and $100 for graduate programs
  • Students registered for study abroad and language programs are required to make a $250 non-refundable deposit within 30 days of acceptance to the program. (For summer courses, the deposit is per course). Graduate programs students are required to make a $1,000 deposit within 21 days of acceptance into the program. 
  • Tuition for all full-time programs includes social activity fees and health insurance.
  • Dormitory accommodations are available during the one-year, semester and degree programs only to those students enrolled in full-time programs of study. Dormitories are also available for students during summer programs based on availability.
  • Meal plans are not provided in the dorms; students should plan to spend $500-$600 per month for food, independent travel, and incidental expenses. You may need a bit more for the first month to cover initial purchases of household items and books.
  • Part-time students are permitted to take up to two courses on an individual payment basis in any one semester. Part-time students are not eligible for campus housing and cannot use campus services such as the library. Students who are interested in taking more than two courses will need to apply as full-time students and will pay the fees of full-time students.
  • Books and workbooks for language courses are an added cost and not included in tuition and fees.
  • Exchange Students and Exchange MA Students: 

    Please note: Exchange students must pay, dorm fees (if living in dorms), activities fees, and health insurance. Exchange students are not eligible for scholarships and financial aid.MA exchange students who choose to enroll in English-language courses (up to two courses only) from the University of Haifa International School master's programs are not eligible for On-Campus housing. This is because these courses are on a different semester schedule than regular Study Abroad courses as well as the campus dorms schedule. Therefore, students in MA courses should seek Off-Campus housing options near the university.

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