Public Management and Policy - Courses

Public Management and Policy - Courses


The program offers a Non-Thesis Track, which lasts for three consecutive semesters over 12 months. In addition a Thesis Track is offered, which takes five semesters over 24 months.

Core Courses:

Policy analysis

Public administration and management

Political economy in international perspective

Global Public Leaders:  Organizations, leadership and innovation

Research workshop

Elected Specialized Courses:

Take the right turn: Decision making and strategy in a global borderless world

It is all about the economy: Public economics and regulation in a globalized economy

The global change-makers: Public sector reforms

The statehood playground: Politics, society and law

Governing within ideologies: Globalization, inequality, labor market and welfare state

God is in the details: Management, finance and auditing

The new administrative world: Information systems, surveillance and cyber security in the new digital era


Integrative Education:

Practicum – Internship

Capstone Course – Challenges in Governance, Entrepreneurship, and Change

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    Ms. Julie Rautio

    Head of International Graduate Programs


    Phone: +972-(0)4-828-8042

    Office: Room 237, Student Bldg. 


  • Mr. Tomer Udi

    Mr. Tomer Udi

    Marketing Director


    Phone: +972-(0)4-824-9417

    Office: Room 231, Student Bldg.

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    Ms. Rachel Ben-Eli

    Marketing Coordinator


    Phone: +972-(0)4-828-8884

    Office: Room 232, Student Bldg.

  • Ms. Hagit Lu

    Ms. Hagit Lu

    Asia Marketing


    Phone: +972-(0)4-828-8976

    Office: Room 232, Student Bldg.


  • Mr. Alon Eisenman

    Mr. Alon Eisenman

    Recruitment Coordinator


    Phone: +972-(0)4-828-8880

    Office: Room 225, Student Bldg.

  • Mr. Jeremy Salgues

    Mr. Jeremy Salgues



    Phone: +972-(0)4-824-0717

    Office: Room 227, Student Bldg.

  • Victoria Greenberg Resized

    Ms. Victoria Greenberg



    Phone: +972-(0)4-664-7961

    Office: Room 231, Student Bldg.


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