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Experience Haifa

Experience Haifa

In tech, MultiExperience defines a complete experience with one app across a variety of digital touchpoints, using touch, voice, vision, and motion for a consistent customized user journey. At UHaifa International, MultiExperience refers to a once in a lifetime opportunity to choose from unlimited, diverse and inspiring experiences on and off campus, that will shape your personal student journey and literally change your life.

Israel’s largest city in the North, Haifa lives and breathes MultiExperiences:

  • Multicultural: Israel’ most culturally diverse city, Haifa is a melting pot of Jews, Christian, Baha’i, Muslims, Druze and immigrants from Ethiopia, Russia and more who live side by side in coexisting harmony unmatched by any other city.
  • MultiView: Haifa is the only city in Israel which offers an all-in-one panoramic ocean, mountain and urban landscape, especially from our beautiful campus on the crest of Mount Carmel.
  • Multidimensional: With iconic landmarks such as the Baha’i world center, ancient caves on Mount Carmel, authentic street art or state of the art hi-tech industry, Haifa combines eclectic multi dimensions of old and new.
  • MultiVibe: Whether you surf on the beach, take a relaxing hike on one of our mountain trails, or go out for a night on the town, you will always find your preferable vibe of fun.

Here are some cool attractions you can choose and explore:

Holy Sites

Baha’i World Center: A unique UNESCO World Heritage spiritual focal point of the Baha’i Faith
Open Sunday – Thursday 9:00- 17:00,
To book a tour of the gardens: Tel. 04-831-3131

Stella Maris Church & Monastery: One of the most beautiful spots in Israel with a church and monastery belonging to the Carmelit order, located on Stella Maris Road.
Free entrance all weekdays between 6:00- 12:30, 15:00-18:00.
Tel. 04-833-7758

Elijah’s Cave: A pilgrimage site for followers of all the three monotheistic religions located on. Allenby St.
Open Sunday-Thursday 8:00- 16:45, Friday 8:00-12:45,
Tel. 04-852-7430

Outdoor Nature & Views on Land, Air & Sea

Haifa Cable Car Stella Maris – A breathtaking view of the Carmel and the coastline is revealed to passengers in the Haifa cable car. Open daily 10:00- 18:00. Bat-Galim Promenade or Stella Maris. Tel. 04-833-5970

Outdoor Activities in Mount Carmel –  Horseback riding, jeeps, bicycles, rappelling. Open Daily 9:30- 15:30. Beit Oren junction. Tel. 04-830-7242

Hiking Trails –Numerous beautiful nature trails in Haifa and the area such as Little Switzerland, Ofer Forest, Nahal Oren, Yagur Stream, and the Bridge Park in Nesher.

Beaches & Promenade:

Hof Hacarmel & Dado Beach (bus 46,146 from the university)

Bat Galim Beach & Promenade (bus 37, 36, 24 from the university)

Louis Promenade Deck– Also known as Panorama Promenade, the promenade traverses the Carmel ridge along Yefe Nof St., by the Carmel Center between Dan Panorama Hotel and Dan Carmel Hotel. Provides a 180˚ view of Haifa, Acre, Rosh HaNikra, the Galilee hills and the Bahai Gardens.

Hecht Park & Promenade – located at the southern entrance of Haifa, overlooking the sea, along a promenade and grassy expanses, playground facilities for children and sports facilities.

The Haifa Zoo- located at the Carmel Center, (bus 37, 37א’, 30 from the university).

Druze Villages – Daliat El-Carmel and Usafia, approximately 15 minutes’ drive from Uhaifa’s campus

Restaurants, Markets, Cafes and Bars

Down Town Haifa (bus 24,36 from the university)

The German Colony – “Hamoshava Hagermanit” (bus 37,37 א’, 24 from the university)

Carmel Center (bus 37, 37א’, 30 from the university)

Moria Street (bus 37 from the university)

Ziv Center (bus 36 from the university)

Talpiot Market – “Shuk Talpiyot” is located at Hahaluts Street in the Hadar neighborhood (bus 36 from the university)


Hecht Museum – Located on the UHaifa campus, the Hecht Museum presents fascinating archaeological exhibitions focusing on the people of Israel in the land of Israel, the Maagan Michael shipwreck display and a contemporary art display. FREE ENTRANCE!

Madatech – Israel’s National Museum of Science, Technology & Space:– An innovative and fascinating center with hundreds of hands-on exhibits offering an interactive learning experience on various remarkable scientific topics:

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art: Focusing on Japanese Culture:

Haifa Art Museum: Changing exhibitions of modern art.
Located at 26 Shabtai Levi St. Open Sunday-Wednesday 10:00- 16:00, Friday 10:00-13:00, Saturday 10:00-15:00
Tel. 04-852-3255

Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum: A large museum with many hands-on exhibits including two retired ships and a submarine on display and open for exploring, the museum is operated by the Israeli Navy and Ministry of Defence A spectacular audio-visual presentation and museum. Guided tour.

National Maritime Museum: Showcases the history of shipping in the Mediterranean Basin and the maritime story of the city of Haifa. Displays over 5000 years of history and maritime archeology, ancient ships, anchors, battling rams, and gold coins treasures that were found in marine excavations

Chagall Artists’ House: An art gallery that serves as a venue for one-man shows and exhibitions of contemporary artists. Hosts changing exhibitions of associates, new immigrants and others.
Located at 24 Ha’ziyonut Ave.
Open Sunday- Thursday 9:00- 13:00, 16:00- 19:00, Saturday 10:00- 13:00. Tel. 04-852-2355

Children’s Art Center:
Changing interactive exhibitions for children on the subject of contemporary art, and creative workshops for all ages given by leading artists.
Located at 24 Shabtai Levi St. Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10:00- 14:00, Friday 10:00- 13:00, Saturday 10:00-15:00.
Tel. 04-853-1585


The University Sports Center – Open throughout the academic year Sundays through Thursdays, from 6:30 until 22:00, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00 until 15:00. Summer hours may vary.

The Technion Swimming Pool – (bus 144,145 from the university). Phone number: 04-8324945/04-8295184

Holmes Place Health Club – Grand Canyon Mall (bus 145 from the university). Phone number: 04-8124545

The Sportek Park – Sports Activities Park including track, basketball courts and more, Located next to Grand Canyon Mall.

Movie Theaters

Globus Max Haifa: Grand Canyon Shopping Mall, Simha Golan Rd.Box Office: *2235
Planet Cinema Lev HaMifratz – Lev HaMifratz Mall, Histradrut 55, Checkpost Box Office: 04-841-6090
Cinematheque – 142 Hanassi Blvd.Box Office: 04-810-4299

Shopping Malls & Outlets

Grand Canyon – Simha Golan Rd
Horev Center – 15 Horev St
Panorama Center – 109 Hanassi Blvd.
Canyon Haifa – 4 Fliman St/ Freud Rd
Lev HaMifratz – Histradrut 55, Checkpost
Hutzot Hamifratz Outlet– Mifratz Haifa

Houses of Prayer

University of Haifa Synagogue – Hatter student Building, 1st floor, room 103 For further information: Rabbi Dr. Yossi Shtemler. 054-3933-062
Or Hadash – Reform Synagogue – 55 Hantke St., Tel.: 04-834-3905
Moria – Conservative Synagogue – 7 Horev St., Tel: 04-825-1495
Denya – Orthodox Synagogue, Hof Hashenhav St., Tel: 04-825-3292

Stella Maris Church & Monastery – Stella Maris Road, Tel: 04-833-7758
Greek Orthodox Church – Palyam 6
Latin Orthodox Church- Hameginim 80, Tel: 04-852-4346
Russian Church – Hatishby 55
St. John’s Church – Yonatan Hakadosh 23

Ahmadiyya Mosque – Kababir Village
Al Istiqlal Mosque -11 Kibbutz Galuyot Street, Corner of Pal Yam Avenue