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University & Off Campus Housing

University & Off Campus Housing

Part of the MultiExperience at UHaifa International is making Haifa your home away from home. Take a look at our diverse housing options and choose where you’d prefer to kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable!

On-Campus Housing

Students who study full-time at UHaifa International and/or enrolled in summer programs are welcome to live in our diverse and inclusive student dormitories on campus. Home to 1,000 Israeli and International students from all social, economic, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, our dorms offer a relatively affordable opportunity to expand your network and enrich your Israeli experience.

Dorms options:
Students can choose between the following dormitory options on a first come first serve basis. Please note that during our summer programs, our single rooms fill up quickly, so we recommend to secure your spot in advance and we’ll do our best to fulfill your accommodation requests:

  • Federman Single Dorms: shared apartments with 3 private bedrooms, shared bathroom/shower and shared common area. Monthly fee: $410.
  • Federman Double Dorms: shared apartments with 3 double bedrooms, shared bathroom/shower and shared common area. Monthly fee: $350.
  • Talia Dorms: shared apartments with 3-6 private bedrooms, private shower/bathroom, and shared common area. Monthly fee: $485.

What do the dorms include?

  • All dorm apartments are single-sex.
  • Rooms provide: a single bed, desk, closet, and shelves, refrigerator and a hotplate. Other appliances and utensils can be brought with you or purchased in Haifa.
  • Self-service laundry rooms, a grocery store, and the Student Club are located in the dormitory complex.
  • The Student Club incorporates a large screen television and often hosts parties, workshops, lectures and other activities.
  • Free WIFI Internet connections.
What should you bring from home?
  • Washing Towels – the dorms do not offer towels
  • Bedding linens: we highly recommend you bring with you sheets, blankets, pillows, pillow cases and other linens suitable for single size beds. If you cannot bring these essentials with you, the dorms may provide you with some, yet please note that as a sustainable University, though they are pre-washed, they have been used.
  • You can also purchase these essentials in Israel.
Healthy Relationships with your Roommates:

Getting along with your roommates and living in harmony is an important factor in your MultiExperience, especially in a diverse and inclusive environment such as ours. We recommend you communicate your expectations with your roommates on issues such as noise, cleaning, or hosting a guest (please note that hosting a guest must also be approved by your dorm supervisor).

Help in the dorms

Whether you have a question, a machine is out of order or you’re experiencing a technicality in the dorms, we’re here to help:
Contact the dormitory office: 04-8249931
Consult one of our student social activity counselors (Madrichim) who lives on campus
Ask your questions in the UHaifa International WhatsApp group

For further information:
Off-Campus Housing Options

If you prefer to live off campus and rent an apartment in Haifa, you’re welcome to explore your options by clicking on the following links. Please note that these options are not affiliated in any way with UHaifa International, must be booked directly through the property’s website, and their pricing is subject to change at the discretion of the property: