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Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships

Aligned with our commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we realize that global collaborations are key to creating an equal and sustainable world. At the University of Haifa, we connect with the global higher education community through diverse collaborations and see them as a top priority.

Our global partnerships involve exchange of students and scholars alongside research collaborations with universities worldwide. These include our joint research center with the East China Normal University in Shanghai, estimated at 20 million Chinese Yuan, our joint Marine Research Center with Texas A&M University, USA estimated at $6 Million USD, and more.

We are also a part of the European Commission’s ERASMUS+ Program. ERASMUS+ promotes higher education and vocational training in Europe by providing a wide range of opportunities for students and staff, including exchange programs and Capacity Building projects.

To date, the University of Haifa has signed over 500 global agreements with the universities worldwide, and is constantly seeking out new opportunities.

These include:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

An agreement between institutions which is often the first step toward institutional collaboration, defining mutual expectations and identifies possible areas of collaboration, such as faculty and student exchanges, joint research, etc.

Student Exchange Agreement (SEA)

An agreement that allows a balanced movement of students to and from the University of Haifa and abroad. Students pay tuition fees to their home institutions for courses taken while on exchange, and may study at the host institution for usually 1 semester and up to a maximum of 1 academic year.

Research & Development Collaboration Agreement

An agreement between institutions to develop research and collaborate in a specific area outlining its terms and conditions. All Research and development agreements are finalized through the Research Authority.

Program Service Provider Agreement (Faculty-led or Group Study Abroad Programs / short term)

An agreement/purchased service contract outlining terms and conditions by which the University of Haifa will provide a specific education abroad program of service led by its faculty or authorized personnel. The agreement includes housing arrangements, fees, time period, course requirements, contacts, and other relevant information.

Dual Degree Agreement

An outlined agreement between The University of Haifa and a partner institution to award separate Master of Arts Degrees to students who have completed all relevant requirements at each institution. Students will receive two separate Master’s diplomas by transferring pre-approved credits from the partner institution to the University of Haifa and vice versa. This agreement allows both institutions to develop and strengthen research collaborations as the shared Master’s candidate conducts the required research at each institution.

Teodora Valchev Pankov

International Partnerships Director

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Avrit Rubin

Exchange Programs

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Michal Morgenstern-Laor

Executive Director

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