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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

At UHaifa International your wellbeing is our priority. The following information will help keep you healthy, happy and safe during your stay in Israel.


UHaifa International requires that all students be covered by an Israeli health insurance company during their studies.
Health insurance is included in the tuition fee for all full-time students studying in UHaifa International.

We work with the Harel Insurance Company’s health insurance, which covers all injuries or illnesses that may occur while you are in Israel.
The insurance provides coverage from the moment you leave your home country until the moment you return to your home country, specifically from three days before the beginning of the program and until four days after the ending of the program.

The health insurance provided by Harel does NOT cover any pre-existing conditions. Therefore, if you have any pre-existing conditions, we require that you also be covered by insurance from your home country that will be valid for treatment in Israel.

The health care services will be provided by Maccabi Health Services.
In order to receive health services, medication, or tests, the membership card that the Harel Insurance Company issues must be presented to the service provider

For further information:

Harel-University Medical Services
Insurance Summary of Coverage
Health Insurance Registration Form

Maccabi” Medical Services in Haifa

Doctor Appointments methods:
You can call Maccabi Contact Center at *3555 and press 4 for English.
Please provide the representative with your Maccabi services number without the first digit, “9”
Appointment scheduling hours: Sunday to Thursday: 0800-1800 and Fridays: 0800-1200
Enter Maccabi website and choose English as the language:

Maccabi Service number:
In order to use the medical services please present your Maccabi service number, as well as a copy of your passport or your student ID card, etc.
There is no need to present any other card.

Doctor’s home visits 24 hours a day:
Please call *3555 and ask for a doctor’s home visit. A doctor will come to your place of residence within 2-3 hours (no co-pay). Please remember to provide your Maccabi services number without the first digit, “9”ץ

You may purchase prescription medications only at the pharmacies located at Maccabi clinicsץ
There is a co-pay as is customary in the HMO.

Maccabi Clinics and Medical centers

Horev Clinic
Address: 15 Horev St. Haifa
Appointments: Please call *3555 and press 4 for English
Tel: 04-8280400 Fax: 073-2132746

Ramat Hanasi Clinic
Address: 12 Shonit St. Haifa
Appointments: Please call *3555 and press 4 for English
Tel: 04-6164370 fax: 076-8893543

Beyachad (together) Clinic – Dr. Kartzli (manager)
Address: 12 Shonit St. Haifa16
Appointments: Please call *3555 and press 4 for English
Tel: 04-6164590, 04-6164591 fax: 04-6786306

Hadar Clinic
Address:73 Herzel St. Haifa
Appointments: Please call *3555 and press 4 for English
Tel: 04-8351111 Fax: 073-2132748

Hashiloach Clinic
Address: 5 Hashiloach St. Haifa
Appointments: Please call *3555 and press 4 for English
Tel: 04-8004000 fax: 076-8893684

Neve Hadar Clinic
Address: 12 HaNegev St. Haifa
Appointments: Please call *3555 and press 4 for English
Tel: 04-6165840 fax: 076-8893689

Castra Clinic
Address: 8 Fliman Moshe St. Haifa
Appointments: Please call *3555 and press 4 for English
Tel: 04-6164860 fax: 076-8893597

Neve Shanan Clinic
Address: 73 High School St. Haifa
Appointments: Please call *3555 and press 4 for English
Tel: 04-8280400 Fax: 073-2132746

Denia Clinic
Address: Schindler Oscar 7 St. Haifa
Appointments: Please call *3555 and press 4 for English
Tel: 04-6164340 fax: 04-6307551

Nesher Clinic
Address: 16 Derech HaShalom 16 St. Nesher
Tel: 04-8215550 fax: 073-2284312

If you feel unwell at night or after clinic hours you may do one of the following:

  • Go to Maccabi emergency center at 15 Horev St. 5th floor. Haifa You will be charged 96 NIS for the service (Nonrefundable).
    Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday: 1900-2230 Friday 14:30-22:30 Saturday 10:00–22:30
  • Go to Maccabi emergency Center at 17 Ben Gurion st Haifa.
    You will be charged for 160 NIS for the service. (Nonrefundable).
    Opening hours: Sunday – Thursdays 1900 until 0600 next morning Friday 14:00 until 0600 next morning. Saturdays 09:00 until 0600 next morning
  • Call Maccabi Call Center, *3555, and book a doctor’s home visit (no co pay)

Emergency room visits
You can go to an Emergency room ONLY if you have received a letter of referral from a Maccabi physician, or when one of the following criteria is met:

  •  An injury that requires stitches
  • Aspiration of a foreign body into the windpipe
  • Any new fracture.
  • Serious dislocation of the shoulder or a joint.
  • Penetration of a foreign body into the eye
  • A snake bite

Hospitalization of over 24 hours
If you decide to go to the emergency room without a letter of referral, or without meeting the above criteria, you will be charged for the emergency room service. (about 1,700 NIS nonrefundable)
When you get a referral from a doctor, you can go to the emergency rooms of Carmel, Rambam, Benai – Zion hospitals, or any other hospital in Israel.
You must present your Maccabi service number and your ID card.

Maccabi will cover ambulance expenses only if there was a hospitalization of more than 24 hours.

Dental Treatment (First Aid)
The service is provided by Maccabi Dental Care Clinics, located throughout Israel. For emergency services you need to call during the morning hours: *3555 Press 4 for English. Please present your Maccabi service number without the first digit “9”.

Insurance Policy Information

Health insurance for all full-time students in the International School is included with your tuition fee. Upon acceptance to the University of Haifa you will receive information about Harel-Yedidim Insurance Agency, the company with whom the University of Haifa works. Please note that the Israeli health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions and is limited to students under the age of 65. Therefore, if you do not qualify for the Israeli health insurance due to a pre-existing condition or your age, you must continue to be covered by your health insurance from your home country. You will receive your health insurance card upon arrival/during orientation. To contact Harel, please call: Einat Cohen : +972-54-529-7775

Safety & Security

The University of Haifa is first and foremost committed to your safety and security. During your orientation session upon arrival to campus, you will be given instructions on how to keep yourself safe while in Israel. Abiding the following information and guidelines and adopting a sensible behavior will help you live up your MultiExprience to the fullest.

Safety & Security on Campus

The University has security guards at the entrances to the campus as well as at the entrance to each building. In addition, there is a security guard at the entrance to the dorms 24-hours-a-day. In case of an emergency, the University of Haifa has a crisis management and evacuation plan in place.

We require that all our students have an Israeli cell phone number while enrolled in our programs. Students must also bring an unlocked phone with them, in order to obtain an Israeli SIM card upon arrival. This enables the University of Haifa to send text messages to all students automatically, updating them about safety and security issues as well as announcements regarding classroom changes, class cancellations, activities etc.

Students are required to have their cell phones charged and with them at all times on and off campus to enable UHaifa International staff to reach them by phone call or text message in the event of an emergency.

We advise all students to register with the embassy of their home country. American students can register through the website: All other students can find their Embassy’s contact information online or come to the UHaifa International Office for assistance.

Travel Measures

As international students aren’t always aware of places in Israel that may be less safe, we ask that you inform us when you choose to travel out of Haifa, so that we know where you are and can send you security updates when necessary.

We encourage our students to participate in UHaifa International’s offered trips and tours. All of them are organized and carried out in consultation with the relevant security authorities, including the University’s Security Division and the Israeli Police and Defense Forces.

Should you decide to travel on your own, we encourage you consult with UHaifa International’s staff so that we can assist in planning your trip.

UHaifa International students are forbidden to travel to the West Bank and or Gaza Strip.

Emergency Measures

In case of an emergency in Haifa or Israel, we will immediately contact all of our students to make sure that they are safe. We will then ask them to contact their families directly, while we also send out an e-mail to addresses of family and friends that the student provides us with.

We encourage family and friends at home who are worried about their loved ones in Israel to be aware that what you see on television is not always aligned with what is actually be happening in Israel. Despite regional political situations, Israelis continue to live their lives, travel, go out to public places, use public transportation, and our international students agree that they feel safe in Haifa.

Emergency Numbers

In case of emergencies during the day, please call UHaifa International Office at 04-8288730.
In case of emergencies after office hours, please contact Mrs. Michal Morgenstern-Laor at
For Magen David Adom (paramedics), dial 101.
For the Police, dial 100.