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Course Description:

The study of the conflict through its documentary history provides a clear chronological and textual foundation for examining its origins, evolution, and ramifications, with an eye to various proposals for conflict-resolution.

The resolution of the conflict should begin with a probing diagnosis of the longevity and intensity of the subject, prior to proposing the requisite remedy or treatment for the problem. This is to proceed logically and rationally as befits a scientific enterprise.

The tragedy of the conflict is a subject for historical introspection or humanitarian empathy. It can be a catalyst for efforts to solve the conflict.

The focus of the conflict as reflected in our course of study is the local-territorial dimension within Eretz-Israel, called Palestine throughout the centuries. We shall however take account of broader regional aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict – thus the course title.    

The course will provide a clear historical line with the documents serving as the backbone of the conflict and the attempts by both sides, as well as the international community to solve it.

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