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"Clalit" Medical Services in Haifa

Doctor Appointment-For appointment with a family physician, please call the "Clalit" clinic directly:

1. Einstein Clinic:

Address: 139 Albert Einstein st, Haifa, Commercial Center 1st floor. Tel: 04-6141730

Buses: 37, 37א, 29, 39, 82, 91, 95, 95  א. Pharmacy: yes

Clinic Hours: Sun – Thurs: 07:30-12:30, Frid: 08:00-12:00

Sun, Mon, Wed , Thur, 15:30 – 18:30. Tues: 14:30-16:00

2. Bonen Clinic:

Address: 73 Moriah Ave., Haifa Tel: 04-8117222

Buses: 30,31,28,37,136,132,133 Pharmacy: Yes

Clinic Hours: Sun, Tue, Thu 8:00-13:00, 16:00-19:00

           Mon 08:00-15:30

           Wed, Fri 08:00-12:00

3. Dr. Resh Clinic:

Address: 4 YizhakElchanan St., Haifa Tel: 04-8109900

Buses: 23, 21, 3, 28, 37Pharmacy: Yes

Clinic Hours: Sun, Mon, Thu 8:00-18:30

           Tue 08:00-16:00

           Wed, Fri 08:00-12:00

*For an appointment with a specialist, please call Clalit call Center at *2700 and press 4 for English.

Emergency Services and Services after Clinic Hours

At night, from 7 PM to 6 AM the next morning, and on Saturday and holidays:

If you feel unwell at night you may do one of the following:

  1. Contact "BikurRofe" Call Center 1800-260-660 and request a house call. A doctor will come to see you within 3 hours. If it is urgent ,  you can consult a doctor at the above number and ask to get  a referral to the hospital.
  1. Call *2700 Press "4" for the English operator , then press "5" and wait for consultation with a nurse on duty. If it is necessary to refer you to the emergency room for urgent treatment, the nurse will send a letter of referral directly to the emergency room to which you are referred.
  • A visit to the emergency room is free of charge ONLY if you have received a letter of referral from a Clalit or “BikurRofe” physician, or when one of the following criteria is met
  • An injury that requires stitches
  • Aspiration of a foreign body into the windpipe
  • Any new fracture
  • Serious dislocation of the shoulder or a joint
  • Penetration of a foreign body into the eye
  • A snake bite
  • Hospitalization of over 24 hours


In case of a medical emergency, you should go to Carmel Hospital in Ahuza (Tel: 04-825-0211) and take your passport, insurance policy forms, and money and credit card.

Be sure to inform us immediately if this type of emergency should occur. Our staff will assist you in any way possible. You must also receive permission either from the “ Bikur Rofeh” doctor or call *2700 and ask to speak with a nurse on duty, and if  it is necessary she will send a referral to the Carmel Hospital in Haifa. (All information regarding medical emergency is in the Clalit Medical Services information pamphlet which was sent to you on your arrival to the University of Haifa (Orientation link).

Insurance Policy Information

The International School at the University of Haifa requires that all students be covered with  Israeli health insurance.  All students are insured with the Harel Insurance Company. The health care services will be provided by Clalit Health Services.

The health insurance covers all injuries or illnesses that occur while you are in Israel. The insurance provides coverage from three days before the beginning of the program and until four days after the ending of the program.

If you are ill and need to see a doctor, please contact the International Office or one of the Madrichim (Social Activity Coordinators) who will help you make an appointment to see a doctor, or you can call the Clalit clinic directly during office hours.

Medications: You may purchase prescription medicines only at the pharmacies located in the Clalit Clinics. Medications in the Health Service Basket are free (please see more information in your Clalit packet) There are also private pharmacies where you can purchase medications, but you will have to co-pay for each medication.

When the Clalit clinic is closed and you need health care services, you may call for a doctor to come to your home, free of charge, through the “Bikur Rofeh” Call Center 1-800-260-660. A doctor will come within 3 hours.

 Emergency room visits are fully covered only if a Clalit or “Bikur Rofeh” doctor refers you. Without a doctor’s referral, you will have to pay for the emergency room visit unless the reason meets the criteria of the Health Service Basket. If you feel unwell at night, you may contact the “Bikur Rofeh” Call Center and request a house call, or alternatively, you can ask to consult a doctor who can refer you to the hospital if needed. You can also  call *2700 and ask to speak with a nurse on duty. If it is necessary to refer you to the emergency room for urgent treatment, the nurse will send the referral directly to the emergency room to which you are referred. That way the emergency room will receive the referral and Clalit will cover the cost of the visit.

The membership card that the Harel Insurance Company issues must be presented to any service provider in order to receive health services, medication, or tests.

The Harel Insurance provides insurance through the Clalit Health Services in Haifa. Clalit clinics can be found throughout the Haifa area. In your orientation packet, you will receive the list of all the clinics. We recommend you locate a clinic close to your place of residence so you will know which clinic you can go to in case you need medical attention For an appointment with a family (primary care) physician, please call the Clalit clinic directly. There is a clinic also on campus as noted already. Tel:  04-828-0303. For other clinics please refer to the Clalit Medical Services in Haifa Packet which your received on the Orientation link on your arrival to Haifa.

For specialists such as ENT, Gynecology or other services, please call the Clalit Call Center

at * 2700 and press 4 for service in English. They receive calls Sunday – Thursday 8:00 - 20:00 For more information please see the letter from Harel Yedidim in your Orientation Packet. 

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