Ms. Hiba Fahoum

Hiba Fahoum finished her PhD degree in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at Haifa University. She completed her dissertation about "The Characteristics of the Media Arabic Language as Reflected in ‘aṣ-Ṣinnāra’ (As-Sennara) Newspaper: 1983-2013". Fahoum also received her M.A. degree in Arabic Language and Literature with highest honors at the University of Haifa, and holds a teaching certificate. She completed her M.A. studies in 2009 with a thesis entitled "The Contribution of Modern Linguistics to the Understanding of the Issue of Common Spelling Errors in Contemporary Arabic". She taught remedial lessons in English and Arabic at the university in the Department of Academic and Personal Assistance, and worked as a teacher at the Franciscan Sisters' School in Nazareth. She has been working in the International School for years, teaching the courses of “Spoken Arabic” (Colloquial Arabic) and “Conversational Arabic”.

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