Off-Campus Housing Options 

Please note that the below off-campus housing options are to be booked directly through the website of the property and are not in any way affiliated with the International School. They are suggestions only for off-campus housing. Pricing is subject to change at the discretion of the property.


Long-Term Off-Campus Housing Options 

Diana Seaport Apartments

Monthly Payment, One Month Minimum

Diana Seaport Apartments are located at the Downtown Center of the City of Haifa, the heart of cultural, nightlife and shopping district of the city, in a walking distance from the “German Colony” and The Baha’i Gardens – the most popular tourist attraction and favorited part of Haifa among tourists, both international and local, consisting of various coffee-shops, restaurants and other tourist attractions.

For more information on Diana Seaport Apartments >>

​Monthly fee: 1,300 New Israeli Shekels per person in a shared room, and includes Electricity, Water, Municipal Tax, Internet.

The apartment includes:  

Two Beds, Television, Electric Kettle, Electric Stovetop, Microwave, Refrigerator, Kitchenware. Clean linens provided once per week.

Please note:   

Students will be required to commit to a minimum of one month in this apartment, with an option to extend on a month-by-month basis thereafter.  The reservation is also subject to at least two applicants per room and room availability at the moment of reservation. The payment is made directly to the Diana Seaports Apartments.


HaRova Apartment Complex

One Bedroom - Monthly cost 2800 NIS

Three Bedroom - Monthly cost 4500 NIS 

Maintenence fee of 350 NIS, per bedroom

All rooms include modern kitchens, appliances (refigerator, BI oven, diswasher, elecrtic cooktops, closets) air conditioning

The building also offers the following amenities: gym, tenant lounger, laundry room, underground private parking. 

To book your stay and for further questions/ information, please contact Hila:

Cell Phone/WhatsApp - +972 54 5858253

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For additional information visit HaRova Complex website 


Short-Term Off-Campus Housing Options  

Santa Maria Guest House Haifa

Pricing: 150 NIS a night (including breakfast)

To book your stay and for further questions/ information, please contact Santa Maria Guest House directly at: or contact Sahar directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Bethel Hostel Haifa

Pricing: ** NIS a night (breakfast not included)

To book your stay and for further questions/ information, please contact Bethel Hostel directly at:


G38 Boutique Rental Apartments

Standard Apartment: 200 NIS a night (breakfast not included)

Studio Apartment: 250 NIS a night (breakfast not included)

Superior Apartment: 300 NIS a night (breakfast not included) 

Delux Apartment: 400 NIS a night (breakfast not included) 

Delux Apartment with Bedroom: 450 NIS a night (breakfast not included) 

Premium Apartment: 480 NIS a night (breakfast not included) 

To view apartment styles and specifics, please see the following link:

To book your stay and for further questions/ information, please contact G38 Boutique Retnal Apartments directly at:


 On-Campus Housing

Students who study full-time in the International School are welcome to live in the student dormitories on campus. There are two dormitory complexes that are open to international students.

  • Federman Single Dorms have shared apartments with 3 private bedrooms, shared bathroom/shower and shared common area. The monthly fee is $400.
  • Federman Double Dorms have shared apartments with 3 double bedrooms, shared bathroom/shower and shared common area. The monthly fee is $340.
  • Talia Dorms include shared apartments with 3-6 private bedrooms, private shower/bathroom, and shared common area for $475 per month.

Students can choose which set of dormitories they would prefer. Please note that during our summer programs, our single rooms fill up quickly and students who request to live in the Talia dormitories will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis. 

About 1,000 students live in the dorms at the University of Haifa, including students of all social, economic, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. The dormitory campus is integrated with Israeli students. Individual dorm suites may house both Israeli and/or International students. We will try our utmost to fulfill your accommodation requests.

All apartments in the dorms are single-sex. In your room you will be provided with a single bed, desk, closet, and shelves. Please note the following: You must bring with you sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels as well as any other linens needed for your room. The dormitories will provide you with a hotplate and a refrigerator. Any other appliances and utensils can be brought with you, or purchased during your first week in Haifa.

Located in the dormitories complex are self-service laundry rooms and a grocery store. All public spaces in the dormitories have WIFI Internet connections. In addition, there is a "moadon" or "club" with a large-screen television which often hosts parties, workshops, lectures, and other activities. 

During the academic year, only students who are enrolled full time in the International School are permitted to live in the dorms. All students enrolled in summer programs can also live in the dorms.  While students are not required to live in the dormitories on campus, it is strongly encouraged. The dormitories allow you the opportunity to meet many Israeli students and have a more complete Israeli experience.


For more information please visit our Dorm's website

For the check-in check out dormitories form please click here. 

For on-campus options, prices and payment procedures click here

 For dorms contract  click here


Roommate Discussion

We recommend you sit down with all of your roommates, individually or in a group, and discuss the following items in detail.  We encourage you to keep notes and revisit these conversations if necessary!  The Madrichim are always available to assist you with housing concerns.


  • What are your schedules? When are roommates in and out of the apartment?
  • What are acceptable noise levels in the living area and in individual rooms?
  • What chores need to be done? How often? How are they divided? Who keeps track? 
  • What if I don’t have a chance to do my chore?
  • Who is responsible for buying cleaning supplies?
  • Discuss standards of cleanliness and which cleaning supplies should be used:
    • For the living areas
    • In the kitchen
    • In the shared bathrooms (Federman)
  • Which items are shared between the roommates? Do I need to ask each time I use something?
    • Food
    • Household supplies:  toilet paper, paper towels/napkins, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies.
    • Kitchen supplies:  dishes, pots, and pans, utensils
    • Kitchen equipment: toaster oven, microwave, etc
    • Electrical equipment: TV/Video/DVD/Stereo - when may these items be used?
  • When may guests visit?

You should always notify your roommates of anticipated guests!  Remember that even if your roommates agree to host them, overnight guests must be approved in advance by the house mother. 



What is expected with respect to locking apartment and room doors?

How will we communicate with each other for messages, questions, etc? 

Residents of Talia:  When is the hot water heater (dud) turned on? Is there a timer?  (Hot water is available at all times in Federman)

We recommend that you give your roommates your cell phone number and store their contact information in your phone.




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