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Antisemitism Through the Ages: The Longest Hatred- Online

About the Course:

Course taught by Mr. Yisrael Neeman

Discover the roots and evolution of antisemitism. In this course, we will explore its beginnings in ancient Eastern Mediterranean culture, its institutionalization in early Christian and Islamic societies, and its violent outbreaks throughout the Middle Ages. Delve into the Enlightenment’s mixed legacy, the impact of Nazi ideology, and the rise of modern antisemitism through anti-Zionism. Understand the complexities of current global conflicts and their implications for Jewish identity and statehood. Join us in unpacking these critical themes and issues to better understand their significance in today’s world.

About the Faculty

Yisrael Neeman has a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from Rutgers University and an MA in Jewish History from the University of Haifa. He teaches courses at the University of Haifa and the Technion International Schools pertaining to Israel, the Jewish people, and the Middle East focusing on nationalism and Jihad related topics. Over the years he has lectured elsewhere in Israel and abroad.

Neeman has been a professional tour guide since 1985 with an emphasis on educational programming. He was local council chairman of the Eshhar Community Village for twelve years where he lives with his wife Susan. His recent book Hamas Jihad was published by White Hart Publications and is available on Amazon.

Course Credits

3 credits = 42 academic hours

Course Schedule

July 15 – August 1, 2024

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00-12:00

Course Format

This course will consist of classroom learning three days a week and will be taught online through Zoom.

Course Tuition

The tuition for this course is $800

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