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The courses will be divided into three chronological cohorts: Biblical; Antiquity (Rabbinics); and Medieval through the Modern period. In order to obtain a Master degree, the student will need to accumulate 36 credits (usually in three semesters: Fall; Spring and Summer\or Fall).The student may choose to focus on one cohort (with, nevertheless, a few courses from other cohorts) or to divide his studies between the three.

Fall Semester:

Jewish Philosophy in the 20th century

Story and History in the Jewish Middle Ages

Coping with memories: Holocaust in Polish literature and film

Early Jewish Apocalypse

Jews and Christians in late antiquity

Winter Semester: 

Israeli Museums (with excursions) 

Kabbalah: A Magical-Mystery Tour 

Jewish Philosophy in the 20th century

The Drama of Samson

Summer Semester (with the Program for Israel studies): 

Crusaders Castles and Battle Sites (5-day excursion)

For more information on courses available please refer here. 

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