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MSc. Archaeological Sciences


UHaifa International Master’s program in Archaeological Sciences offers a unique opportunity to combine the rich archaeological record of Israel with the added values obtained through modern science and technology. The first and one of its kind in Israel, this program sets itself apart with a cutting-edge science-focused multidisciplinary approach to archaeological research. Combining state-of-the-art technology with the extensive archaeological record of the Southern Levant, students gain a comprehensive toolkit for versatile career paths.

The program is part of the University of Haifa’s globally renowned School of Archaeology and Maritime Cultures (SAMC). The first of its kind to integrate the full scope of research domains on land, at sea, and in the lab under one roof. SAMC offers a prestigious international professional network and a fascinating learning environment.

The program conducts collaborative research with the Technion – the Israel Institute of Technology, and grants eligible students attractive scholarships specifically allocated to this institutional collaboration.


Program Highlights:
  • Unique Academic Offering: The only program in Israel that merges a wide array of archaeological science fields, setting graduates up for diverse career paths in research, culture heritage and education.
  • Science-Oriented Curriculum: Provides a scientific approach to archaeology, preparing students for a range of modern challenges.
  • Rich Research Setting: Located in Israel, one of the world’s most studied regions, offering unparalleled historical and archaeological insights of the southern Levant.
  • Expert Faculty & Research: Home to leading experts in various fields of archaeological sciences, with extensive excavation and research projects.
  • Interdisciplinary Focus: Combines natural, exact, and computer sciences to explore human evolution, culture, and technology through archaeological findings.
  • Practical Experience: Offers hands-on analysis of artifacts, ceramics, metals, bones, and sediments in state-of-the-art laboratories to study ancient human societies and environments.
  • Attractive Scholarship Options: scholarships may be offered to eligible students, including specific scholarships for students conducting collaborative research with the Technion – the Israel Institute of Technology.
Two Years, One Degree

This international thesis-track Master’s program is taught in English over two years. Each year consists of three consecutive semesters from October through September. Graduates will be awarded a Master of Sciences in Archaeological Sciences. Writing a thesis is part of the training program.


Highlighted Courses

Geology for archaeologists
Biology for archaeologists
Chemistry for archaeologists
Introduction to archaeological sciences
Lab research experience
Quantitative archaeology
Scientific writing
Department seminar
Study excavation


*Program is subject to change without notice.

Admission Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree in either archaeology, natural, exact or computer sciences
  • Candidates holding a B.A. with a final grade average of at least 3.5 GPA or 90% (Israeli system) or equivalent.
  • Candidates holding a B.Sc. with a final grade average of at least3.1 GPA or 85% 3.1 (Israeli system) or equivalent.
  • Proven competence in English if this language is not the student’s first language (TOEFL or equivalent exam).
  • Passing an admission interview.
Application documents
  • Official transcript of BA degree and copy of undergraduate diploma that includes the date and degree type awarded
  • Two letters of recommendation from academics
  • Personal Statement (Motivational Letter) -approximately 500 words
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resumé
  • Medical forms
Scholarships & Aid

SAMC Scholarships:

  • Each year, SAMC offers attractive scholarships to eligible students.
  • Students in Archaeological Sciences whose research will be in collaboration with the Technion (Israel’s Technological Institute), may also apply for scholarships specifically allocated to this institutional collaboration.


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