Public Management and Policy - Program Description


Program Description

In recent years, many political systems have experienced significant crises and challenges that have transformed modes of governance. There are indications that public dissatisfaction with and mistrust of government is rapidly increasing, especially during the deep economic crisis of recent years. Social and economic concerns have become more and more acute as growing economic inequality encourages political inequality and triggers political unrest. Hence, policy makers face complex demands and challenges and have to constantly adapt themselves to the changing conditions and find innovative ways and tools to analyze reality and manage public affairs effectively and fairly. The accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of public administration indicates quite strongly that the quality of public management and the strong position of bureaucratic structures are the key for better governance. Other means are reliable political systems that work, an effective media and auditing system that serves as a watchdog, a rational and non-biased decision-making system that relies on participatory communities, and formal procedures in government that implement the highest standards of professionalism.

What you will study

The international MPA program provides a specialization in Public Administration, Public Management and Policy Studies, which will prepare students to direct policymaking and manage public organizations in a changing and uncertain environment where economic, social and political dynamics constantly influence the daily operation of governments.

The program establishes the theoretical foundations for policy analysis and for understanding the operative rationales of public organizations, but its focus is on providing professional, practical tools for analyzing and managing the public arena. The program offers advanced tools such as decision making, policy design, analyzing political-economy dynamics both locally and globally, strategic management in complex and uncertain environment, analyzing international policies and challenges related to cyber security, immigration, climate change, financial relations and trade, developing leadership and innovation in public organizations and conducting reforms. Many of these tools and areas interact with each other and hence the program emphasizes an integrative approach which allows students to choose appropriate means to handle situations from a rich and diverse tool box. 

 As such the program is aimed at enhancing managerial abilities of public organization middle managers that wish to expand their knowledge and skill, learn from the multicultural experiences of their peers and create an international network.



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